I Am Not Interested In Your First-class - VC, Maduka University (VIDEO)

The Vice-Chancellor of Maduka University, Charles Ogbulogo seek better and more quality qualifications than first-class. A hope for candidates with other Cumulative Grades.

The Vice Chancellor of Maduka University, Prof. Charles Ogbulogo in an interview with MySchoolNews TV has revealed that he is not interested in first-class students.

Ogbulogo recounted his ordeals with first-class graduates who came to seek for job opportunities from the university only to be disappointed by the outcome. In his words,

“I am not interested in your first-class, there are people who have made first class, they come here and after one assignment, they run away because they can't fix it... There are a lot of people by defence who have certificate, diplomas but we are not looking for them. We are looking for those who have things to contribute. I am eager to hire those who have something to contribute”, he said.

Adding to this, the one time Deputy Vice Chancellor of Covenant university disclosed that vacancies are still open to qualified individuals who are willing to be disciplined and give nothing but quality.

“Here we're talking about intentionality, we cannot take it if you say you have a class for 9am and you are not there by 9am. Where else will you be? So that strict management is what we're talking about. Quality is a function of inputs. If you give nothing you harvest nothing”, Ogbulogo said.


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