Unleashing Business Potential: From Informal to Formal

Are you part of the business world in Nigeria? The staggering reality is that 38.4 million out of 39.65 million businesses remain in the shadows of the informal sector. Blame it on multiple taxation – the prime culprit hindering growth.

These millions of businesses could transition from the informal to the formal sector, contributing to economic growth and providing stable employment opportunities. This is where the concept of incorporation and strategic taxation comes into play.

Incorporating your business has the potential to offer numerous benefits, such as limited liability protection, access to funding opportunities, and enhanced credibility in the eyes of customers and partners. Furthermore, understanding and strategically managing your taxes can lead to increased financial efficiency and sustainable growth.

Circle August 18, 2023, at 6pm, on your calendar. Oak Nation Entrepreneurial (ONE) Foundation's virtual Open Business Webinar is your ticket to understanding how incorporation and smart taxation can transform your business.

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The Oak Nation Entrepreneurial (ONE) Foundation is a non-profit organization on a mission to empower and uplift. With a vision to create 1,000,000 enterprising individuals and legacy businesses by 2030, ONE Foundation is committed to addressing the diverse manifestations of youth unemployment across Africa. Through strategic initiatives, educational resources, and events like the Open Business Webinar is one of our strategic initiatives and events to steering the course toward a brighter economic future.

About our facilitator: Damilola Bamisile

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