Taraba Governor-elect, Agbu Kefas Graduates From Harvard University

The governor-elect of Taraba state, Dr Agbu Kefas has graduated from the prestigious Harvard University.

Committed to acquiring valuable knowledge, Dr Agbu Kefas enrolled in the high-status university in preparation for his task as the duly elected governor of Taraba state.

During his sojourn in the university, Dr Agbu Kefas participated in every academic activity with utmost dedication despite his hectic schedule.

According to the governor-elect, the decision to further his education was borne out of the need to learn more about leadership especially for his newly attained position as the governor-elect of Taraba state.

He asserted that his academic pursuit isn’t largely for his personal edification but for the purpose of serving the people of Taraba state better.

‘’On this significant day of my graduation from Harvard University, I appreciate God Almighty for seeing me through despite the hurdles faced due to my hectic schedule.’’

‘’I deemed it fit to enroll in the prestigious higher institution as a result of my commitment to serving the people of Taraba state better.’’

‘’During my academic sessions here, I acquired valuable knowledge that has enlightened and broadened my understanding of leadership. Certainly, this will contribute positively to my proposition in the delivery of quality leadership to the good people of Taraba state.’’

‘’I want to reiterate my commitment to the people of Taraba state; to serve them with all my heart, to get the government closer to the people, to deliver the dividend of democracy to the people and ensure Taraba state moves forward in all ramifications’’.

Governor-elect, Dr. Agbu Kefas is one of the most intelligent politicians in the country considering his academic certifications. He is well-read and has studied in respected institutions in different parts of the world.

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