JUST IN: Mellanby Hall Cafeteria Shut Down

The Kenneth Mellanby Hall Cafeteria has been abruptly shut down by the Hall Management today Monday, 24th of April, 2023 due to severe sanitation concerns. The closure, which took place at 11:42 am, was led by the Hall Warden, Hall Chairman, Health and Buttery Minister, and Interior Minister.

The decision to close the cafeteria came after numerous complaints from Mellanbites about the food quality which has gone on for a long time. The Hall Executives conducted a thorough investigation, during which they discovered faeces and menstrual pads in the vicinity of the cafeteria. Upon reporting the findings to the Hall Warden, he promptly ordered the facility’s closure.

It should be noted that the Hall Executives had previously conducted a survey in response to the growing number of complaints about the cafeteria’s condition and they had promised to take action to address the issue.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

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