Mark of the Beast: UK Man Becomes First To Receive Bank Microchip Implant For Making Purchases (Video)

In a major victory for transhumanism, the first British man has been implanted with a bank card microchip, enabling him to make purchases with only the tap of his hand.

The British daytime program This Morning shared last week that Arnie Szoke, 40, from West London, is the first British man to have his banking information surgically implanted in him via chip.

‘It’s like a normal card but you have to be more precise where you tap,” the NHS healthcare assistant told The Sun. “It means I don’t have to keep a wallet with me all the time.” He added that the last time he had used cash, “£40 went missing along with my work pass card.”

Like a normal bank card, his microchip will eventually expire, and will need a £130 replacement procedure in 2029, according to The Sun.

Former MP Gyles Brandreth, who regularly appears on This Morning, raved about the technology as “marvelous,” according to the Daily Mail, predicting, “’It’s going to be the future for all of us. I think when we’re babies, like a pet, our cat has got an implant so it can go through the cat flap and it identifies it.”

“I want that to happen,” Brandreth continued. “And even in my forehead, it would light up with my name.”

Reactions to This Morning’s coverage were mixed, with some celebrating the technology, and others wary of its potential consequences.

The chip reminded another viewer of the “Mark of the Beast” foretold in Scripture.

Szoke bought the chip, which costs £220 ($249), from the British-­Polish start-up ­Walletmor. The product’s website explains that the chip is used together with an “independent digital wallet” called Purewrist, and that it can be surgically implanted in a “medical aesthetics clinic.”

See Video Below:

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