Family demands justice for 6-year-old Abuja pupil who died during swimming lessons

The family of Modadeoluwa, a 6-year-old pupil of Start-Rite School in Abuja has accused the school authority of cover-up in an incident that led to the death of the minor.

According to tweets shared by the family members of the deceased, Modadeoluwa was taking swimming lessons on Nov. 2, in the school's swimming pool when the instructor tossed her several times at the shallow end of the pool and she hit her head and suffered internal bleeding.

They alleged that the school tried to doctor the CCTV footage that captured the incident in an attempt to evade justice, but they found a way to get evidence.

They called on the authorities to investigate the school and ensure that justice is served as the school remains open and is carrying on as if nothing happened.

Family demand justice as 6-year-old girl dies in Abuja school allegedly due to swimming instructor

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