“You wan Seduce am” — Reactions as Schoolgirl Twerks in Front of Male Teacher (Video)

A video of a female student dancing in front of a teacher has caused a strong response on social media.

In the viral video, the girl can be seen wearing a short uniform and entertaining her male teacher and colleagues with her dance moves.

The climax of her performance was to bypass the sitting male teacher and then twerks frantically in front of him.

As she danced, the students who watched her screamed and applauded her.

While dancing, the male teacher wearing a nasal mask said nothing.

The location of the school has not been made public yet.

Below are some reactions from the video:

jazrelabbi said: I made sure I see to end before concluding that I didn’t find anything wrong with the video, children will always be children, sometimes its our adult mind that really paint a lot of things bad, the event that brought the dance must be something everyone in the venue is happy about and the little young teenage took the audience attention. She’s happy , teacher is happy too. Everyone is cheering her 😂😂

lucci_okoye wrote: This is quite disturbing. I don’t care if the teacher is friendly or not. From my observations most friendly male teachers are pedophilic

prince_mike30 wrote: Omoh watin dey happened here 😂😂😂😂😂

Watch video here

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