Yahoo Boy Allegedly killed Schoolteacher for Complaining About Bashed Car in Ibadan

A school teacher has been allegedly killed by a suspected Yahoo boy because she asked him to apologize for bashing her car. 

The Vice Principal of Ibadan Grammar School, Mr. Iyiola Agbejinmi, tells OLUFEMI OLANIYI how a suspected ‘Yahoo Boy’ (Internet fraudster) killed his sister, Mrs. Abimbola Uthman, for daring to challenge him after he bashed her car. 

According to him, the diseased was his immediate younger sister, who was a teacher at Islamic High School, Basorun, Ibadan. She was just 48 years old when she was killed by a Yahoo boy on October 14. 

Iyiola said that he was not around when she was killed but his 7 year-old niece narrated the incident to them. “The daughter told me that her mother went to meet the eldest daughter, who was returning to Ibadan from Ekiti State at the gate of the University of Ibadan. “That was on October 14, at about 8pm. She went to the University of Ibadan area where she intended to pick the eldest daughter. She wanted to park her car in front of Polaris Bank there when a wine coloured Sienna mini bus hit her car from behind. “My sister came down to check the extent of the damage done to her car by the Toyota Sienna but the driver of the vehicle which hit her did not come down and was not moved at all. 

She told the young man to park and come down to check the damage but the young man was said to have threatened to crush her with his vehicle if she didn’t leave the road, And even before she could move, the boy crushed her and she was rushed to hospital to save her life but she died few hours later. “She died at around 12:15am the next day. That was what happened. 

The same Yahoo boy that hit her car ran over her with his Sienna bus and killed her.” he said The diseased was rushed to the hospital but later died the following day. 

According to his niece the ‘Yahoo boy’ fled the scene with his car after hitting the woman. “He fled with his vehicle immediately he crushed her. It was her daughter who was in the car with her that narrated what happened. She gave the description of the boy; she said he was wearing dreadlocks, the typical hairstyle of Yahoo boys. She said the boy is short and fair in complexion. Those were what she could say about the boy who killed her mother. She said the boy told her, ‘I will crush you if you don’t leave that place,’ and he did just that.” 

According to him, the case has been reported to the police and they assured the family that the incident was under investigation. He said: “Yes, it was reported at the Sango Police Station, Ibadan. They told us they were investigating it. They said they had started doing their job and they had started looking for him. But the clue that will make that easy is the number plate of the vehicle. 

All that the girl knows is that it was a wine coloured Sienna. I think it is that regular Sienna commonly used for inter-state transport.The police assured us that they would do everything to get the killer and we are hoping and waiting for that to be done. We pray that God will lead them. They have promised us that they would do their best. 

The woman was buried almost immediately because it is a tragic incident and the family is pained not just because of her death but the manner in which it happened. 

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