The “Japa Fever” or the “Japa Syndrome” is now our everyday motto as more and more Nigerian students find themselves searching for greener pastures as regards educational standards and time. Time is fast running as federal universities had hit with its 8-months long ASUU strike. While this was currently on going, a lot of students have been forced to relocate while a lot are still looking for the right location to ‘japa’ to. The students who feel like they are on the losing end are those who are out to study medicine along with those from other courses that take years and years to see through; which is why keeping to time is quite beneficial. 

Medicine students in Nigeria have now started looking for scholarships abroad that cater to their educational needs and are timely in delivering. With this being said, of noteworthy is the fact that scholarships for students to study medicine abroad are quite limited. There are both fully and partially funded scholarships to study medicine abroad. 

Without further ado, below is a list of fully funded medicine scholarships for Nigerians to study medicine abroad in no particular order:

1.University of Notre Dame Australia Scholarship

The scholarship is both partial and fully funded, and this applies to not just medicine but other courses as well; i.e some of the courses are fully funded, while other are partially funded. It is for Master and Bachelors in courses like those in the arts, education, business, nursing and medicine and mid wifery; philosophy, physiotherapy and theology. 

2. Turkey Scholarship For International Students

This scholarship is made available during February every year. The scholarship is fully funded and attainable within Turkish universities. It caters for undergraduate and post graduate degrees. 

 3. British Council IELTS Awards

This is a partial scholarship that caters only for masters. It is one that can be gotten in the United States of America.

4. The Netherlands Government Fully Funded Scholarships

This is a fully funded scholarship for international students and the universities involved are Leiden University, Utrecht University, University of Groningen, Erasmus University, Rotter Dam University and lots more. It caters for both undergraduates and post graduate with all subjects in consideration. 

5. Kazakhstan Government Scholarship 

This is a fully funded scholarship by the government of Kazakhstan in Europe. It is for both Undergraduate and post graduate studies. It offers all courses, including medicine and nursing. 

6. Orange Knowledge Program, Netherlands

This is a fully funded scholarship in the Netherland universities. The scholarship caters for short trainings and masters programs. All subjects can be taken. The deadline always varies according to universities and study to be taken up. 

7. Fullbright Foreign Students Scholarship to USA

This scholarship is for post graduate degrees (masters and PhD) which can be gotten in the United States of America. It is also open to international students. 

8. Chinese Government Scholarship

This is a fully funded scholarship that can be attained in Chinese universities and caters for master’s program only. All subjects are considered, including medicine and nursing. It is open during a particular period of the year.  

9. International Scholarship at American University of the Caribbean USA

This is a partial scholarship that is available in the United States of America at the American University of the Caribbean. It is for medical graduate students.  

10. Global Korea Scholarship

This is a fully funded scholarship that can be gotten in South Korean universities. The program caters for undergraduates as well as post graduate programs. Though it is open once in a year. 

The scholarships briefly mentioned above are conditional in terms of opening dates. They are restricted to particular months in the year. With that being said, it would be nice to look them up to which best suits your educational needs. 

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