Scholarships for Nigerian Students to study medicine abroad

One of the most difficult and sought-after scholarships in the academic sector is medical scholarship. Students that are passionate about becoming medical students will therefore need to invest more effort in looking for and applying for those scholarships.

It might be exceedingly expensive for Nigerian students to study abroad, especially for those pursuing a medical degree overseas, particularly for students from developing countries with little financial resources.

Due to the demands of the medical profession, which needs the most skilled hands in the field, and the great demand for medical workers in the labor market, pursuing a medical degree abroad is a very expensive adventure.

Medical Scholarships for Nigerians to Study Abroad are thought to be able to assist students who are struggling financially to study medicine abroad.

For medical students who have demonstrated great academic competence, a few of these medical scholarships are nonetheless accessible. Some of these scholarships are open to foreign students, including Nigerian students, and some of them are fully funded, while there are a few that are partially funded.

List of Medical Scholarships Available For Nigerian Students to Study Abroad

  • The John Abernethy (Barts) Scholarship

This is a fully funded scholarship for international students, such as Nigerian students, to study medicine abroad. These scholarships were created to aid individuals who, although having extraordinary talent and a propensity for a future in the medical field or dentistry, are unable to continue their educational goals due to financial limitations. The scholarship, which has its headquarters at Queen Mary University of London, offers undergraduate students up to £5,000 per year for the course's five years, provided they make good academic progress.

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  • Bayer Foundation Medical Fellowships

This fellowship is intended to promote cross-organizational and multidisciplinary contact and collaboration to offer interesting possibilities for both personal and professional growth. Both international students (even Nigerian students) interested in pursuing a master's or PhD degree and German residents enrolled in medical school are eligible for the scholarship. The fellowships are intended to supplement current study programs by offering additional funds for study abroad experiences or research endeavors.

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  • Harvard Medical School Scholarship

The amount of a Harvard Medical School (HMS) scholarship a student receives is purely based on financial need. The HMS scholarship is a fully funded scholarship available to Nigerian students. The scholarship covers all tuition and required fees for a comprehensive student. Support for HMS Scholarships comes from a variety of sources, but donor funds play a major role. Nigerian students who wish to pursue postgraduate study abroad may apply for the scholarship at the Harvard Medical School.

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The Advantages of Studying Medicine Abroad for Nigerian Students

As a Nigerian student, there are many advantages to studying medicine abroad, some of which may include having access to a quality educational program and a supportive atmosphere. It might be thrilling to learn alongside individuals with various medical backgrounds because of the experience you will have. The availability of real-world settings and fantastic resource centers makes the medical industry abroad particularly intriguing.

How Can a Nigerian Student get Medical Scholarships to Study Abroad?

If you want to receive a fully-funded or a partially funded medical scholarship to study abroad as a Nigerian, you must first look for scholarships related to your field of study, whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student. Candidates must satisfy the requirements for this scholarship's eligibility. After that, apply and provide the necessary documentation. You will receive a medical scholarship to study abroad if you pass the screening exams.

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