"No excuse for failure'' —physically challenged NYSC members says as he celebrates end of service

26-years-old NYSC member, Ikiotere Ayebatonye Otuma, took to his Facebook page to celebrate the end of his service year while displaying his certificate.

Speaking to a news outlet,  Ayebatonye who is physically challenged, revealed that despite being physically disadvantaged, he didn't allow it to stop him from aiming high.

According to him, he grew up in a community where a majority of his peers did not discriminate against him despite his appearance, and further advised people with similar conditions not to allow it to limit their lives.
He said;
"Having a physical deformity should not make you think much. Your life is not over as long as you are mentally stable. You do not have to make excuses for failure. You have every reason to be who God wants you to be by his grace" 

"Even though along the line you will face depression, difficulty and hardship do not let it get to you. Other people without physical deformity also feel down at some point in their lives and still come out of it." 

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