Easiest Country to Get work Visa from Nigeria

Easiest Country to Get work Visa from Nigeria

In a foreign country whether as a Nigerian or an indigene of another country, obtaining a work visa is never easy. You won't be eligible for the majority of work visas if you lack qualifications or skills. 

Typically, you must first secure employment before your employer will sponsor you for a work visa. However, a number of nations provide visa options for independent contractors and digital nomads, making it simpler for people who work for themselves to obtain a work visa.

But regardless of how difficult it is to get a work visa in foreign countries as a Nigerian, there are countries that make getting work visas easier than others.

Some of the easiest countries to get work Visa from Nigeria are:

1. New Zealand

In comparison to all of the prospects for a brighter future that New Zealand offers, this is one of the easiest countries for a Nigerian to obtain a work visa. A working holiday visa, valid for up to 12 months, is simple to obtain. These are typically offered for a small fee, and the success of your application may be greatly influenced by the skills you possess. Nigerians are most frequently found working in the hospitality, tourism, and service sectors in New Zealand. Many Nigerians work in the agriculture and food processing sectors as well.

2. China

One of the most popular destinations for Nigerians is China. Many members of the Nigerian diaspora reside and work for a living in China. China, which has the second-fastest growing economy in the world, is the dominant force in Asia. Visitor exploration is actually encouraged in China, and obtaining a visa is typically not difficult. These are part of the reasons why China is one of the easiest countries to get a work visa from Nigeria.

You might be considering the language barrier as part of the hindrances to working in China as a Nigerian, but if you are an expert in English or in academics, getting a work visa is so easy. However, the majority of Nigerians visit China to study the economy. You'll discover that Nigeria's market is eager to buy the goods you can import from China, and the manufacturing sector has a lot to offer. Mobile phones, solar panels, rechargeable electronics, and other items are currently common imports from China.

3. The Netherland

If you’ve got a brilliant concept for a new enterprise or product, this may be the easiest country to get a work visa from Nigeria. The Netherlands offers a one-year residency for foreigners looking to start a business. Entrepreneurs submit a self-employed work visa application after a year. The visa is only available to those who want to launch a business and work for themselves (scientists, innovators, inventors, designers, etc)

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is not only one of the easiest countries to get a work visa from Nigeria, It is also among the best nations for finding a good job. You can easily renew the well-known business visa, and you'll be surrounded by other foreigners.

Although obtaining a business visa is simple from Nigeria, in order to work legally in the country, you must also submit an application for a work visa. Freelancing and remote work are popular in Cambodia, but it's also easy to find other kinds of jobs using their many job search websites.

5. Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the easiest countries in Latin America to get a work visa from Nigeria. The requirements are not onerous at all; if you have a bachelor's degree and $400 in your bank account, you can obtain a professional visa. While you can work for multinational companies, you can also try NGOs and other similar organizations, or even open your own business.

As a Nigerian, Europe is probably where you want to go, but there are a ton of other places with equally strong economies that you can visit. That’s all about the easiest countries to get a work visa from Nigeria. For starters, you can first go to countries like Ecuador to boost your travel history and to explore their economies. Then you can continue to the other European nations.


Disclaimer: The information in this post is not intended to be professional advice. For more information, please contact your IATA travel agent. Also, please exercise caution before giving anyone money.

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