10 Ways To Make A Nigerian Man Fall in Love with You

10 Ways To Make A Nigerian Man Fall in Love with You

If love has finally found you and you find yourself falling in love with a Nigerian man, it is normal for you to get anxious and try to search for ways to keep your man, or to make him love you wholeheartedly in return.

This article hereby gives a solid solution to this issue that plagues your minds badly. But do keep in mind that the ways for making the average Nigerian man fall in love with you is in no way different from the ways used with other men worldwide, particularly Africans. But despite that, you need to note and stick to the following details:

10 Ways To Make Attraact a Nigerian Man and make Him Love You

1. Be Decent

The average Nigerian man is a sucker for decency. They are highly culturally minded people, as such, they despise loose women.

They love the fact that their women are faithful and not double daters. Although some of them might decide to cheat outside, they hate it when their women cheat as well.

They believe there are things men do and are considered normal, but if a woman does such, it is considered a taboo. Cheating is one of such. So to win his heart, be decent.

2. Feed Him Well 

You need to master the art of cooking, especially when it comes to the traditional African dishes which Nigerian men love so much.

These traditional dishes include; ewedu, amala, afang, eba, jollof rice, etc. You can always look up the recipes online through the search engines like Google, etc.

But it is always better to have an expert teach you in person so you learn directly, practically and professionally well to be sure of certain factors like timing, water levels, and so on.

You could also achieve this by asking him what type of food he loves. Let him know you are ready to learn how to cook his meals if he can teach you. You can be rest assured that he will be really happy to help out.

3. Get Closer to God 

Even if your man doesn’t tell you this, you need to know that the typical Nigerian man has a really strong religious background.

Generally, the Nigerian culture permits persistent prayer to God over any life’s challenges. So be fully minded on religion as much as you can.

4. Support him 

A typical Nigerian man loves and adores a lady who would lend him all the support he desires to achieve his goals.

During his moments of trials, supporting him unconditionally would definitely earn you his respect and make him love you more especially when he steps out of that phase.

5. Respect Him 

Don’t be arrogant, rude or ridiculously touchy. Just be respectful and he’ll love you more.

6. Show him just how much you love him

Never suppress your emotions. 
Your girlfriends and even close relatives might think your man would take you for granted if you let him know you love him.

That is not always true in most cases, so don’t get paranoid. As you pour out your heart to him, be fierce. This would prove that as much as you love recklessly, you can also get wild when your anger is fueled. Nigerian men fall in love with women they find mysterious.

7. Give him his space

For a Nigerian man to love you, never encroach on his privacy. Always give him time to think and reflect on his issues.

This would help you know him better and you would be able to make him happy by taking your time to study the tides and know when he’s feeling low or high.

8. Voice out your opinions

Men want a smart woman who would speak smartly whenever they are in the midst of their friends. Gone are the days when men wanted a woman that could be seen and not heard, so improve yourself everyday by learning new things.

That would go a long way in expanding your horizon and helping you gain a mind of your own, which would in turn help in giving you learned opinions to speak out when the situation calls for it.

9. Stay in shape

One of the best ways to make a Nigerian man love you is by maintaining your shape. Men love women they can boast of when they are with friends.

You might be sweet, intelligent, respectful, pleasant and well cultured but, you must stay in shape. Ensure you look pretty always and he will remain attracted to you.

You can achieve this by dressing smartly, paying special attention to your hair, and so on. You can also be fabulous by being naturally pretty.

10. Satisfy Him in bed

Make sure you satisfy him in bed
Saving the very best for the last, ensure you satisfy him in bed. Definitely! Nigerian men are very romantic and love it when their women are just as good in bed.

You should explore different ways to make your romance special with him. Know what turns him on in bed and otherwise. You could also decide to play dirty with him. Just don’t be afraid to make the first move if need be, it could actually be a sexy turn on.

Considering the above details, you are sure on your way to a successful relationship with the lucky Nigerian man you adore so much.

But keep in mind though, that inasmuch as you give your all and make the very best efforts to make him fall in love with you, keep some love for yourself as well.

Do not throw it all for him. There are moments when the feeling is not mutual and he might be using you for selfish gains.

In that case, have some self respect and dignity and gladly walk out of such unhealthy relationship. You deserve better. Best of luck as you set out to win the heart of your Nigerian man.

Remember to stick to the basics like character, looks, closeness to some god or any religion you highly vouch for as well as taking good care of him in terms of meals, sex, support and the rest. You are rest assured not to fail. Wish you all the best!

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