5 things to consider for a Low Budget wedding in Nigeria

Low budget wedding in Nigeria

When it comes to weddings, a lot of couple find it daunting. This can simply be because they are out to impress the public and may end up overspending more than they budgeted for. One way to make your wedding experience an exciting and un-regrettable one is to keep costs low and at the same time stylish. 

In this article  are a few ideas to help you plan your wedding in Nigeria with less than 200k naira.

1. Choice of reception venue

An important way to save when you're having a wedding reception at a location is to choose one that you can really afford without spending a chunk of your budget. As much as possible, you should look out for locations surrounded by natural decoration - like gardens and outdoors. Indoor locations cost more than outdoors. With nature around you, you don't need to spend extra on decorations.

2. Affordable Grooms Outfit

For men this will mean wearing one of your favourite suits which you already own or even renting one. You don't have to buy a new one if you still have new ones. It’s no law for the groom and his men to suit-match. They could simply choose to wear their own suits, regardless of the colours. This can go a long way to safe a great deal of money.

3. Affordable Bridal Outfit

For the bride it could be renting her bridal gown instead of going to buy one. We all know that people look out for the dress the bride is going to put on. This way you're not going to disappoint them and also not overwork yourself.

4. Affordable Accessories

This may sound a little awkward, but it’s still okay to borrow. This is not to say everything, but those that are expensive to buy. You can simply get it from your friends (that probably just got married), or your parents.

5. Merge Wedding and Reception Venue

One way to save money during your wedding is making your reception venue same as the weeding venue. This saves money for transport and payment of venue bills (reception hall). Most churches allow their halls for reception, which can be a wonderful idea.

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