7 Funny things Nigerian women do to attract men

How to attract Nigerian Men

In the bid to attract the attention of successful, well to do Nigerian men, Nigerian women engage in some actions that can truly be described as funny. Some funny things Nigerian women do to attract men are as follows;

• Wearing Of Fake Hair: 

You can hardly see a Nigerian woman or Lady that goes on her natural hair these days; artificial or fake hair is the trend these days. It comes in various types including; Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Chinese hair and Peru hair. The hair is sewed or bonded with glue to the hair.

• Wearing Fake Boobs:

This is also a trend for wearing to wear fake boobs these day in the bid to make their breast look up standing; some wear push up bras, some wear foam bras to attract Nigerian men.

• Wearing Of High Heels:

One of the easiest ways to find out how tall a Nigerian girl really is to first check if she is wearing high heels and then subtract that from her height. Most Nigerian men nowadays wants to be with averagely taller girls than shorter ones and I guess this is what helped encourage the trend of wearing high heels among ladies. Some wear heels that are so high that it keeps them uncomfortable; but they don’t mind as long as they get noticed at the end of the day.

• Using Lipstick:

Many ladies wants their lips to draw attention which is why they make use of lipsticks. It makes their lips sexy and kissable as to attract men.

• Using a Perfume to hide body odour

Some ladies wear perfumes that are so expensive that it gets you wondering what the need for wasting such amount on just a perfume; but as long as it helps the lady to attract the attention of the successful brother at work or down the street, they don’t mind. The funny thing is that some of them actually use it to get rid of their bad body odour or camouflage the fact that they’ve not taken their baths.

• Wearing Fake nails:

Wearing natural nails is a thing of the past amongst happening ladies these days. One would thing that they had long nails only for the man to find out later that her nails are not that beautiful.

• Bleaching Their Skin:

Black is no longer that beautiful than compared to being fair skinned. That is why bleaching of skin is now the new beauty therapy among ladies these days. Some women bleach their skin to the extent that it gets permanently damaged and you’d know it’s a fake when other parts of their bodies are much darker than normal.

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