Available Countries to Study Abroad for Nigerian Students

Available Countries to Study Abroad for Nigerian Students

Every day, the statistics of Nigerian students who dream of studying abroad increase because of the desire to have a quality education that they cannot get in their country due to disfunctional educational systems.

For this reason, millions of Nigerian students look for the best countries abroad that have available scholarships where they can study, and in the absence of a fully funded scholarship, Nigerian students are constantly looking for the affordable countries abroad to study in.

Below, you will find listed the top 5 countries Nigerians would find easy to study; in no particular order for you to choose from and apply for a student visa this year. When you go through it you will be enlightened on the advantages and requirements of studying in those places as a Nigerian student.


Norway is among the affordable and available countries for students to study worldwide, regardless of whether you are an EU citizen or a Nigerian. It is best for any student who wants to study abroad but is on a tight budget. Yes, attending this school is financially feasible.

Most of the time, people judge the quality of education based on cost, but despite Norway being one of the cheapest countries for a Nigerian student to study abroad, it is renowned for offering top-notch educational solutions.

The requirements to study in this country or to get a student visa are one of the easiest. You will require a Residence Permit for Studies if you are a Nigerian student who wants to study in Norway. 

As a Nigerian student who is prepared to start their study abroad experience in Norway, you have been given special consideration while creating this student visa. To determine if studying abroad in Norway is the right choice for you, find out as much as you can about the procedure for obtaining the Residence Permit forStudies, which doesn't take a lot of time.

The student will only be responsible for required costs, such as lodging and transportation; financial help is always an option. There are a few available scholarships to study in Norway as a Nigerian student or as a foreign student in general.


Students who want to pursue higher education frequently choose Germany as their destination. This is because most study programs are free for international students. Nigerian students regard Germany as the fourth most popular country for studying abroad, after the US, the UK, and Canada.

When you view the statistics of Nigerian students studying abroad, Germany stands out. Nigerian students are drawn to Germany by its top-notch university education system, low or free tuition prices, and generous scholarship programs. 

Looking for a fully funded scholarship to study abroad as a Nigerian student? Germany is probably the easiest country to get one. Germany is very affordable to live in when compared to other major cities in Europe, with students typically spending $950 per month on living expenses. You will only be required to pay an administrative fee, which typically ranges from 100 to 350 EUR every semester, as the majority of German universities are public institutions. This charge covers your enrollment and the services of the student organization. The majority of Nigerian applicants to public colleges in Germany do not often have to pay tuition.

If you want to know the requirements to study in Germany you can check out these top five German Universities that you’d find Nigerians:

● University of Stuttgart.

● University of Mannheim.

● University of Bremen.

● University of Cologne.

● University of Hamburg.


For students who desire to pursue an education overseas, the United States is the ideal location. They are known to have some of the greatest facilities, knowledgeable faculty, and a wide range of professional and vocational courses, these institutions provide the highest quality education. The institutions in this region do an excellent job of fusing academics with research and extracurricular activities, therefore supporting the development of the student's personalities.

Due to the number of available scholarships, the United States can be considered one of the affordable countries to study as a Nigerian student.

With over 10,000 students enrolled at various Universities around the United States, Nigerian students are among the most notable foreign students in the United States, which have the biggest number of international students in the world.


Each year, thousands of students from all over the world study in the UK, making it one of the top destinations for these students. The higher education system in Britain will provide you with a top-notch education and fantastic career chances. Given the long-standing ties between Nigeria and the United Kingdom, many Nigerians now consider it their second home. Nigerians frequently refer to London as the Lagos annexe since so many of their regular social events take place there. This relationship makes the UK one of the easiest countries for Nigerian students to study abroad.

If you want to know the requirements to study in the UK, you can check out these top five universities where you’d find Nigerians:

● University of Hertfordshire

● University of Salford

● Reading University

● University of Portsmouth

● University of Leeds


With its promise of a fair income and excellent quality of life, Canada has become one of the best and easiest of countries for Nigerian students to study abroad. The Canadian labor market is friendly to foreigners and new opportunities are being created regularly, so your chances of finding work while studying or after graduation are quite good. Nigerian students' preferred study location is Canada, as getting a student visa in this country is considered to be easy among many countries abroad.

Potential Nigerians frequently have Canada in mind when they use the word "Japa," which is loosely translated as "to flee." No other nation provides as many economic opportunities for Nigerians as Canada does. The requirements to study in Canada from Nigeria are not so demanding Nigerian students have several possibilities for studying abroad while the country's educational system is continuously undergoing renovation.

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