Top 10 Universities in Prague in English for Nigerian Students 2022

Study in Czech Republic For Nigerian Students.

Study I'm Czech Republic for Nigerian students

Hello Nigerian Student. We’ve compiled a comprehensive article for you on the top global Universities in Prague, Czech Republic where Studies are taught in English Language for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students including Nigerians to study, and get their quality academic degree.

Most Nigerian students prefer to study abroad for different reasons. Regardless of the reason(s) that influenced your decision, if you’ve chosen or are still considering Prague, Czech Republic as a study abroad destination, you’ve come to the right place. You will learn about the best English-speaking universities in Prague as well as the reasons why you should study there.

Study in Prague

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, the 13th largest city in the European Union, and the historical capital of Bohemia, with a population of approximately 1.309 million people. Furthermore, due to the lower cost of a higher standard of living, Prague is regarded as one of the most affordable places for students especially Nigerians to study.

Nigerian Students are know for the ability to adapt to different learning conditions and cultures. That is why you will practically find a Nigerian in almost every nation of the world. Prague is also a destination for many Nigerian Students for Bachelor's degree, Masters degree and Doctoral degree Programmes.

Why Study in Prague?

Universities in Prague provide many study programs in disciplines such as law, medicine, arts, education, social sciences, humanities, mathematics, and others. Students can specialize at all degree levels, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral.

For Nigerian Students and other international students, these faculties offer study programs and courses fully taught in English Language, French, and German Language. Courses at some universities can be taken as full-time internal studies or as flexible part-time external studies.

You can also enroll in a few distance learning (online) programs as well as several short courses, which are typically organized as summer school courses and focus on subjects such as economics and political studies.

Modern technology has been integrated into classrooms and libraries, allowing students to access the necessary information and study materials for their studies.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Prague as your study location:

1. Prague Universities provides you world-class Education at an affordable amount

2. You will get to study with lower living expenses. The standard of living in Prague is less expensive as compared to other cities in Europe.

3. Some Prague colleges have international recognition in the United States and other parts of the world. 

4. Prague is one of the top safest places to study abroad with low insurgencies.

5. You will have the opportunity to travel internationally as Czech Republic shares borders with some neighboring European countries.

6. Despite the fact that your programme is not taught in the Lingual Franca of the Country, you  will still have the opportunity to practice or learn Czech and also get acquainted with a different culture and country.

How to study in Prague for Nigerian Students.

If you want to pursue a short-term or full-time degree program in the Czech Republic, all you have to do is follow these five simple steps.

A. Do Your Quality and Extensive Research.

The very first process in studying in Prague, Czech Republic is to research your options and select the college or university that best meets your requirements. Don't try to link yourself to a school, instead find a school that best meet your needs, your priorities, and your long-term academic and career goals.

B. Plan how to financially Support Your Studies:

You have to begin planning your finances as soon as possible during your research process. Every year, large sums of money are given to international students as Scholarships or financial aid to help them pay for their studies, accomodation and stipends. However, the competition is fierce. Financial aid applications are submitted in conjunction with admissions applications.

When considering studying in Universities in Prague in English, one of the first things you should do is estimate your financial situation.

As with any investment, you must consider what is best for your educational and career goals, as well as how much you are willing to spend.

C. Complete Your Application: 

It is important you complete your application process and do this in time before the stipulated deadlines. Universities in Prague are very strict with deadlines. Strategize ahead of time and be familiar with the documents and requirements for applying to your program. You don't have to wait for the call for application to begin. You can always make use of the information on the University's website for the previous year to prepare your documents ahead.

D. Apply For Your Czech Student Visa: 

Learn about the CZECH student visa requirements and give yourself plenty of time to prepare your application. This information is available on the Czech Embassy Website. 

E. Get set For Your Departure: 

Departure information, such as document assembling, legalisation, etc for arrival and immigration compliance should be well arranged and kept.

Check out your new institution’s website for more required information such as Medical Certificates, health insurance, average local temperatures throughout the year, local transportation options, housing, and more.

Do universities in Czech Republic offer courses in English?

The official language in Czech Republic is not English language. So as a student planning to study in Prague, Czech Republic, it’s natural to wonder if courses are available in English, especially if you’re from an English-speaking country like Nigeria.

To pique your interest, some of Prague’s top public and private universities do offer courses taught in English language. Although the majority of university study programs are typically offered in Czech, yet still, universities in Prague in English are there for you.

Which Universities in Prague offer Online programs?

Several universities in Prague now offer online programs in English to both domestic and international students. Below is the list of Universities in Prague which offer Online Programmes in English Language for Nigerian Students: 

  • Prague University of Economics and Business
  • University of Chemistry and Technology     
  • Masaryk University
  • Anglo-American University
  • Charles University.

Top Universities in Prague 2022

A large number of universities in Prague offer a variety of undergraduate Programmes. Here is a list of the top 5 universities in Prague for Nigerian students according to QS World University Rankings:

  1. Charles University
  2. Czech Technical University in Prague
  3. University of Life Sciences in Prague
  4. Masaryk University
  5. Brno University of Technology.

List of the Top 10 Universities in Prague in English for International Students

Here is a list of the Universities in Prague in English for Nigerian students (List is written in no specific order):

  • Architectural Institute in Prague
  • Prague City University
  • Masaryk University
  • Czech Technical University
  • Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  • Charles University
  • Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
  • Prague University of Economics and Business
  • University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague.

#1. Czech Technical University

The Czech Technical University in Prague is Europe’s largest and oldest technical university. The university currently has eight faculties and over 17,800 students.

Czech Technical University in Prague offers 227 accredited study programs, 94 of which are in foreign languages, including English. Czech Technical University trains contemporary specialists, scientists, and managers with foreign language skills who are adaptable, versatile, and capable of quickly adapting to market demands.

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#2. Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

In 1885, the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design was established. Throughout its history, it has consistently ranked among the top educational institutions in the country. It has produced several successful graduates who have gone on to become respected professionals, gaining acclaim outside of the Czech Republic.

The school is divided into departments such as architecture, design, fine arts, applied arts, graphic design, and art theory and history.

Each department is divided into studios based on its area of expertise. All of the studios are led by prominent figures from the Czech art scene.

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#3. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) is a renowned life sciences institution in Europe. CZU is more than just a life sciences university; it is also a centre for cutting-edge scientific research and discovery. 

The university is set on a beautifully landscaped campus with advanced and comfortable dormitories, a canteen, several student clubs, a central library, cutting-edge IT technology, and cutting-edge laboratories. CZU also belongs to the Euroleague for Life Sciences.

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#4. Charles University

Charles University offers a broad array of English-taught study programs. Some of the courses are also taught in German or Russian.

The school was established in 1348, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. Nonetheless, it is well-known as a modern, dynamic, cosmopolitan, and prestigious institution of higher learning. This is one of the most prestigious and largest Czech universities, as well as the highest-ranked Czech university in global rankings.

This University’s top priority is to maintain its prestigious status as a research centre. To achieve this goal, the institution places a strong emphasis on research activities.

Charles University is home to several outstanding research teams that work closely with international research institutions.

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#5. Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

All faculties of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts provide international students with the opportunity to study in English.

Acting, directing, puppetry, dramaturgy, scenography, theatre-in-education, theatre management, and theory and criticism are among the disciplines covered by the Theatre Faculty of this great institution.

The school trains future theatre professionals as well as specialists in culture, communications, and media. The school theatre DISK is a regular repertory theatre, with final year students performing in approximately ten productions per month.

MA programs in Dramatic Arts are available in English. Also, international students can attend DAMU as part of European exchange programs or as individual short-term students.

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#6. Prague University of Economics and Business

The Prague University of Economics and Business was established in 1953 as a public university. It is a premier Czech university in management and economics.

VE has approximately 14 thousand students enrolled and employs over 600 qualified academics. Graduates work in banking, accounting and auditing, sales, marketing, business and trade, public administration, information technology, and other fields.

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#7. Architectural Institute in Prague

Study architecture in English at the Architectural Institute in Prague. The institution offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in English. ARCHIP’s teaching staff is made up of renowned professionals from both the United States and abroad.

The school’s program is based on studio instruction that adheres to the principles of the Vertical studio model, which means that students from different years are combined and work together on a single site and program in each studio.

Students are exposed to a diverse range of practice methods as well as theoretical approaches, which encourages them to develop their style. Students are also taught classes such as graphic design, photography, product design, and other craft-based courses to help them succeed in their future careers.

Architectural Institute in Prague serves as a temporary residence for students from over 30 different countries. Because of this, as well as a strict limit of 30 students per class, the school has a distinct familial atmosphere and team spirit making it be a sort after Universities in Prague in English.

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#8. Prague City University

Prague City University offers 2 different Bachelor degree programs: English as a Foreign Language and Czech as a Foreign Language, both of which are available as full-time (regular basis) and part-time (online) options. Adult learners can be taught English / Czech by college graduates in language schools or in-company courses.

Over three years, they gain extensive knowledge of linguistic, pedagogical, and psychological disciplines, as well as an understanding of a variety of methodological approaches to foreign and second language teaching.

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#9. Masaryk University

Masaryk University provides excellent facilities and cutting-edge technology while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for studying and working, as well as a personal stance toward students.

You can choose from a wide range of English-taught programs such as medicine, social sciences, informatics, economics and administration, arts, education, natural sciences, law, and sports, and tackle contemporary global challenges with the best resources available, such as an Antarctic polar station, and experimental humanities laboratory, or a cybersecurity research polygon.

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#10. University of Chemistry and Technology

The University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague is a standard public university that serves as a natural hub for high-quality instruction and research.

According to the QS ranking, a respected international university ranking, UCT Prague is among the 350 best universities in the world, and even among the Top 50 in terms of individual student support during their studies.

Technical chemistry, chemical and biochemical technologies, pharmaceuticals, materials and chemical engineering, the food industry, and environmental studies are among the areas of study at UCT Prague.

Employers see University of Chemistry and Technology Prague graduates as a natural first choice because, in addition to deep theoretical knowledge and laboratory skills, they are valued for their proactive engineering thinking and ability to respond quickly to new problems and challenges. Graduates are frequently hired as corporate technologists, laboratory experts, managers, scientists, and state administrative body experts.

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How many universities are in Prague?

The higher education system in Prague has grown rapidly over time. Since the late 1990s, educational enrollments have more than doubled.

In the Czech Republic, there are several dozen public and private universities, and many of them offer English-taught degree programs. They have a long history and a solid reputation all over the world.

Charles University, the earliest in Central Europe, now has a high ranking as one of Europe’s largest continuously operating universities.

Career opportunities in Prague in English for Nigerian Students.

Prague’s economy is reliable and stable, with pharmaceuticals, printing, food processing, transportation equipment manufacturing, computer technology, and electrical engineering as major growing industries. Financial and commercial services, trade, restaurants, hospitality, and public administration are the most important in the service sector.

Many major multinational corporations have their headquarters in Prague, including Accenture, Adecco, Allianz, AmCham, Capgemini, Citibank, Czech Airlines, DHL, Europcar, KPMG, and others. Take advantage of internship opportunities provided by universities in collaboration with the city’s top businesses.

Because the Czech Republic host most international companies with vast diversity there is a vast career opportunity for English speaking population.

Is Prague good for international students to study in?

There are numerous higher education institutions, including vocational and technical schools. More than half of the universities are government or public and are thus considered more prestigious.

Prague’s English-language universities offer degree programs in almost every field of knowledge. Students who are fluent in English or who want to learn the Czech language may find it very rewarding to study here. Nonetheless, the number of programs in English and other languages is growing.


Prague is unquestionably a fantastic place to study, with numerous Universities in Prague in English. Many students who choose Prague as a study destination have the opportunity to work and earn extra spending money while also experiencing the local culture. If you study in universities in Prague that teach in English, you are starting your path to a bright future.

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