Kerux Academic Institute (KAI) Mentorship Programme for Young People

Kerux Academic Institute (KAI)


Kerux Academic Institute (KAI) is a non profit making community based organization, a leadership, coaching, training and mentorship program committed to mentoring teenagers/young people within and outside Mosogar Community on Academics, Leadership, Business/Finance, Management/Administration, Public Speaking and other Professional Development Courses that can equip young people and make them relevant beyond the scope of their Academic Disciplines.

It has been observed over time that many graduates from within the community and the Nation in general seem to be bankrupt of knowledge in other vital areas of life outside their field of expertise! This has practically resulted in producing intellectuals who are irrelevant to the society since they can't get jobs touching their field of expertise.

KAI Mentorship Program also seeks to empower young people and help them redefine what leadership is really all about. Many had misunderstood leadership to be merely occupying a position of influence and this lopsided view has had catastrophic effect in the community and Nation at large. 

KAI involves both classroom training and practical training which would include having one on one interview sessions with reputable personalities within and outside Mosogar Community, Seminars where KAI Mentorship Products (Teenagers) are expected to display their Wealth of Knowledge in Public Speaking, Conflict Resolutions, Business/Financial Intelligence, Problem Solving and Leadership. 

This will help build a better Nigeria.

This training is completely free and opened to all teenagers and young people within and outside Mosogar Community.

The professional classes hold every Friday by 3pm @ Ighoyota Primary School Mosogar, Delta State, Nigeria.

TIME: 3pm-5pm
CONTACT: 07039679521

The designed curriculum of KAI Mentorship Programme will help build teenagers and make them relevant beyond the scope of their Academic Discipline.

Godspower Oyubu
(Director, Kerux Academic Institute "KAI")

Teenage Girls Leadership Group (TGLG), an Arm of KAI

The TGLG is an arm of KAI Mentorship Program that focuses on only the girl child teenagers. The vision of this arm of KAI is to specifically mentor the girl child intellectually and professionally for leadership in the future. Many have the myopic understanding that the man should always take the lead in any occasion and women should follow. The TGLG seeks to inculcate in these teenage girls the mentality and attributes of world class global leaders from a young age. Currently, over 50 female teenagers are part of the TGLG of KAI and 15 of them, from records are already taking leadership roles in their schools, churches and volunteer organizations they are part of, instigating positive changes in the different organizations. 

The Teenage Girls Leadership Group (TGLG) will help bring to limelight the inherent potentials resident in these girls and skillfully prepare them to take up higher leadership responsibilities at Community, National and International levels in the nearest future.

The Impact of KAI on Teenagers and Young People

The Director of Kerux Academic Institute (KAI), Godspower Oyubu, a Master's degree holder of Applied Biochemistry from the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, has been mentoring teenagers/young people for 13years. He started a  Mentorship Program during the Covid 19 Pandemic where he offered free Academic and Professional training classes to Teenagers who where home due to the nation wide lockdown instigated by the much dreaded Covid 19. This free training program metamorphosed into Kerux Academic Institute (KAI) on 11th January, 2021 with 15 teenagers and 5 staff members. 

The overall vision of KAI is to train teenagers academically and professionally. The idea of professional training is to inculcate in these teenagers an ideology that places value on leadership qualities, management skills and business mindset as unbeatable requirements for transforming the local community and the nation at large. At the start of KAI, four (4) University Lecturers were coming occasionally to train and encourage these teenagers. Within 2021, KAI has trained 115 teenagers (85 girls and 30 boys) and 48 eventually got admission into different Universities while others got admission into various Polytechnics. 

The long term goal is to train at least 2000 teenagers in Mosogar community and the near-by communities on leadership, management and business in order to prepare them for local and global relevance beyond the scope of their academic discipline.

The issue of fraudulent act is becoming rampant in virtually every community in Nigeria. The high level of corruption in the Nation and poor investment in the education system have contributed to this predominance of fraudulent activity. However, KAI Mentorship Program will help prepare teenagers who will be empowered via high level superior knowledge to combat this moral decadence ravaging our community and Nation in general.

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