"We are at the threshold of victory", ASUU President charges Union members

The Academic Staff Union of Universities in a statement released on the 16th of June have commended members of the union for their commitment and steadfastness in the struggle for the survival and rejuvenation of the University education system in Nigeria. 

ASUU President, Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke also advised members of the union to distant themselves from fake news all over the internet and revert to their chairpersons to get Updated about the strike. He also said they are at the threshold of victory and members should keep faith with the Union.

Statement Reads: 

Dear Comrades,

Our roll-over strike is 16 weeks old now. As the struggle continues, members are commended for their commitment and steadfastness in the patriotic struggle for the survival of the University system in our country.

Members are particularly applauded for keeping faith with the Union inspite of the hardship imposed on our families as a result of the stoppage of salaries. You have made the statement loud and clear that we are not beggers and, as a result, hunger is an impotent instrument to break our resolve. 

Our iron-cast resolve has forced the government to sit down and negotiate with us. We have had five meetings with Federal Government Team and two meetings with Minister of Education.

• The renegotiation of the 2009 agreement of ASUU-FGN agreement is progressing smoothly and has reached an advanced stage. However, we must remain focused to the end of this struggle. 

UTAS has been tested for the 3 time. So far NITDA has tested UTAS and USPS and will start testing IPPIS next week. We are undeterred by the antic of some government officials in this respect

It is clear that hunger, misinformation, distortion of facts, intimidation and other sundary acts of arm-twisting have failed to break our resolve to date; they should not break us now.

Ignore fake news and divisive information emanating from the social media and a section of the press. If in doubt over any issue, contact your Chairperson for correct information.

We are at the threshold of victory. Let us keep faith with the Union. A people united can never be defeated.

Aluta continua, Victoria acerta!

Emmanuel Osodeke
16 June, 2022

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