David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship 2022: The Complete Application Guide

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship

Here is the complete application guide for the 2022 David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship guide. Interested and eligible applicants for the DOF Scholarship Programme are to carefully follow the instructions below to complete their application process for the program.

Brief Details About David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship:

Scholarship Title: DOF Scholarship Programme

Scholarship Type: Undergraduate Programme

Eligible Countries: All African Countries

Application Deadline: 31st July, 2022

Scholarship Duration: 5 Years Maximum

Scholarship Location: Landmark or Covenant University

About David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship:

The DOF scholarship program is designed to help develop talented young students who are interested in exploring and putting their innovative skills, talents, and ideas to work in any of the leading organizations within their countries.

The David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program is one of the most important goals and motives behind the creation of the DOF program. The DOF program provides varying scholarships to Nigerian and African students at large.

Aims and Objectives of the Scholarship:

The scholarship program’s most basic objective is to help nurture and procreate young talented individuals who are ready to improve the developmental state of their varying countries with their accumulated skills and knowledge.

David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship helps to create an enabling environment and opportunity for these set of students to develop their skills in their most preferred fields of specialization respectively.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for DOF Scholarship?

The David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship applicants are expected to have met the following criteria to be eligible-

1. Applicant must be a citizen in any of the African countries and must be residing permanently in the country.

2. Applicants at the time of application, must be within the age bracket of 16 and 25 years of age

3. Intending applicants for the program must be one who is eligible to be granted a Nigerian student visa

4. Applicant must be learned enough and be able to communicate in the English language

5. To be eligible, applicants must be one who has a relatively good and outstanding academic record from their secondary school level. Below are the benchmarks  list of the expected qualification for the program

- For Nigerian students, you are expected to at least attain 20 points score above the general cut-off marks for universities in 2022.
- You must have 4.0 out of a possible 5.0 GPA on your high school transcript.
- You must be one seeking admission into any of Covenant or Landmark University.

Financial Benefits of the Scholarship:

- The David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program takes full responsibility for every successful candidate’s academic fees, from the inception of the scholarship program to the year of graduation (5 years maximum). Depending on the applicant’s course of study.


Students should be aware of the information below-

The David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship does not cover any other fees outside the primary academic fees stated above, therefore the following fees stated below are to be taken care of by each student personally-

1. Travelling allowances

2. Feeding and food allowances

3. Health schemes and Insurance allowances

Selection Criteria for the Programme:

After the application deadline, successful applicants will be shortlisted for the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship.

Candidates will be shortlisted based on their need-depending factor as well as on the basis of a reckoning academic qualification and the finalists will be invited to a live-video interview by the scholarship committee.

It is a competitive scholarship but that does not deter your chances of landing it. Summarily, candidates are selected based on the listed criteria below-

- A proven, honest, and well-detailed financial need
- Scholastic qualities and abilities of the applicant
- The outstanding and impressive character of the applicant
- Involvement records in any social and community works
- Commitment desire of the applicant to improve and influence the local community with skills learned during the program

Documents you will Need:

- Your citizenship certificate
- Proof of application to Covenant or Landmark University in 2022

How to Apply:
Are you interested and qualified for the program? Please click on the link provided below to complete your application process-


General Application Sections:

The application process includes the following sections and applicants are expected to pay close attention to the instructions listed in these sections and apply as guided. They include-

The contact information section
Education/academic section
Recommendation section
Essay/Article section

The Contact Information Section:

Be specific with the format within the application form when filling in your general and contact information
Provide honest general information as documents of proof of age, citizenship will be required if you are successful at the interview level
Information about biological parents or your legal custodian must be verifiable
Applicants are to fill in existing and accurate contact addresses, phone numbers, and emails as they will be contacted via the contact information provided during their application.

The Education Section

Applicants are to insert their school transcript and those who didn’t complete their education from the school indicated are expected to indicate by filling in NIL in the space provided
Insert only either Landmark or Covenant University and your proposed course of study from the list made available
Indicate while filling in the examination results section the O’Level exam type you are applying with and include the specific date the exam was taken

The Recommendation Section

Personal information of your academic referee must be included as well as the letter of recommendation gotten from this personality must be uploaded in the suitable section of the application
Fill in the personal information of a religious referee, must obtain and upload a letter of recommendation from this individual
The Essay Section

In this section, you are to answer 5 essay questions. Applicants are expected to answer these essay questions with not more than 500words put to writing and must be submitted by the application deadline.

Application Deadline:
The deadline for the application for the DOF scholarship is 31st July 2022. 11:59pm, GMT +01:00

Program Commencement Date:
The resumption and commencement of lectures for successful candidates will begin at Landmark and Covenant University by October 2022.

Note that all applications must be submitted before the deadline and only successfully submitted applications will be considered for admission.

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