Are you worried? Anxious? Scared? Or you really don't know what next steps to take and are so doubtful of what the future holds. Take a deep breath and read calmly through. 
Should your fears hold you down?
Should your doubts and anxiety keep you stagnant?

No really it isn't worth it. Life as we have it is full of ups and downs . We have many good times , funfair , parties , celebration on one hand and on the other hand we are lonely, confused and have a lot of questions buzzing in our minds.

Cdn.power of positivity

You can actually play above depression and every sort of obsession. 
There are times we feel stucked, unlucky and in the wrong place; there and then what do we do?
Rise above it ! Slay your doubts and boss up!
Peace actually comes from within us.
Fear and doubts attimes play a very positive role in our lives and gives space for a new phase. But if the fears become overly constant it could lead to anxiety and phobias. But you just have to face your fears before they control you. 
Anxiety affects the whole being. It affects the behavior, physiology and psychology. 
We become anxious many times because our goals are not reached whereas this shouldn't make us suffer instead it should be received as an opportunity to learn something new.
Everyone experiences profound feelings but the truth is that the more successful we become the more life tends to be harder because you become more exposed and there's always a new responsibility to somebody else.. There's no such thing as a perfect life. 

And you should know that life is not about satisfying with material things. Life is experience , feeling and breathing. 

There are few helpful things you can do in your down times that would help lift you and you can succeed in your own terms quite well.

First of all, renew your mind. Adjust your mindset from "I don't know what to do,. I'm fed up" or speaking severe  hate speeches to people and to yourself. 
See the good sides of things, appreciate the good things and people you have , look into the beauty around you and be positive .
Believe in yourself and and in your freedom to choose how things run in your life. 
There's always where to get in fresh air and relax. You can find relaxing sounds on youtube where there's just silence around you and your mind relaxes. 
Take a time off and offload your breast and head. Cool off😁

After your time off, get something doing,find helpful circles to associate with . If you have a job, but it has become boring over time, you could try learning a skill that attracts your passion. You may find where to learn helpful and engaging skills online or somewhere around . The times we are doesn't approve your being broke. Get courses online , pay for webinars or seminars and learn more. Don't get idle .Make sure you don't remain somewhere for long doing nothing. Get busy!
You could try reading books like a nice poetry, fiction, etc . You might want to try learning new things like  how to make a certain dish you never prepared. 

Also , it will be really nice to have new friends and more connects 😊. Preparing a dinner and inviting someone you'd probably desired acquainting with can be a good idea. This should be done when it's certain you're save though. You can have children around and have a nice time with them . Give a call to family , visit  friends and have fun.
Perhaps there are things you desire to learn, get to know people who are good in such areas and meet with them. Learn from them and build healthy and helpful relationships.

Another exciting thing is to go on tours. Yeah, visit new places, check out sporting complexes, nature's garden, Zoos , amusement parks and so on. 
Try going for exercises. Burn out excess calories and stretch the muscles you tied in this long. You may try out 10 to 15 minutes of mild exercises for a start and graduate to jogging 30minutes down your street every morning. Visiting the gym is not a bad idea to see exercises even differently

Give attention to your health. Intentionally prepare healthy meals , juice up fruits and veggies. You can go on no-snacking for the next 21 days. Prepare your own meals and customize them to your taste with nuts and natural condiments. Use the time to rest well , drink more water , avoid canned drinks ,sodas for the while . You certainly will be lighter and better after this time .

Build healthy habits and attitudes. Drop off all resentments and unhealthy habits. Consciously break off harmful habits like smoking, etc. Forgive all those that hurt you , this becomes your own freedom. Reconcile with those you also have wronged and give yourself reasons to be happy. Learn from your past mistakes , try gain and forgive your imperfections. 

Whatever we experience now is temporary, they shall all pass. Question your fears and subdue them . Build your self esteem . Clear up bad scenes in your mind and believe that things will change. 

Most advisedly, Take your time and life with God even more important. This gives the biggest hope . I hope this helps you in your down times to rise and win again.

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