OAU Student defends ''yahoo boys'' activities during a seminar presentation (VIDEO)

An Obafemi Awolowo University student has sparked a debate on social media after he defended the activities of internet fraudsters popularly called ''yahoo boys'' during a seminar presentation at the school.
A video trending on the social space shows the yet-to-be-identified student explaining that the flamboyant lifestyles of internet fraudsters have helped save the country from going into a recession.

OAU student defends ''yahoo boys'' activities during a seminar presentation (video)
The student used southwestern states in Nigeria as a case study and stated that the fraudsters' use of costly cars boosted the economy and raised Nigeria's per capita income.

In his words:

"In a country like Nigeria, the standard living of yahoo yahoo boys has helped save the country from recession.

"Because, according to findings, in most southwest cities, yahoo yahoo boys actually dominate the best estate, they use the most expensive cars, they buy luxuries and from the top-notch boutiques because they have a lot of money to share about. 

The video has sparked debate on social media, with some users supporting his sentiments while others vehemently condemning him.


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