Things Needed To Take To University In Nigeria as a Fresher

Just Got Admission? Have You Been Searching For Things To Take To University In Nigeria? How To Prepare For University In Nigeria? Things To Take To University Hostel?  List Of Provisions To Take To University?

Have You Been Asking; What Freshers Should Bring To University? What Should I Bring To UNI? What Do I Need For My First Day Of University? What Should You Not Bring To University? University Checklist?
If Yes, Congratulations! Your Search Ends Here As We Are Going To Show You A List Of Some Items You’ll Need On Campus.

We understand that deciding what to take to UNI can be confusing sometimes but you don’t need to panic as we have compiled all the list of items one might need as a new student to take to University In Nigeria.
Before we list the items it will be of tremendous importance to note that all fingers are not equal, you can re-sketch these items to suit your status or need.

This post is dedicated to all freshers e.g UNN, UI, UNILAG, UNICAL, UNIJOS, UNIMAID, UNIUYO, UNIZIK, OAU, ABU, UNICROSS, UNIBEN, IMSU, ABSU, etc.

Things To Take To University In Nigeria
University campus.

1. Academic Checklist
2. Bedroom Items
3. Clothing Items
4. Kitchen Items
5. Random Items

Now that you know the things to take to university in Nigeria let’s look at these items one after the other.

1) Academic Checklist.

- 4 Attestation Letters (depends on your Institution)
- 30 Passport Photograph 
- Acceptance Fees Payment Receipt
- Birth Certificate Or Age Declaration
- Books (Hard Covers and exercise books)
- Certificate of Origin or Local Government- Identification Letter
- File
- Highlighters
- JAMB Admission Letter
- JAMB Original Result Slip
- Journal/diary/planner
- National Identity Card, Voters Card or ID Card
- Ol’evel Result Checker Card
- O’Level Result Printout
- Paper Clips
- Pens And Pencils
- School Admission Letter
- Sellotape
- Stapler And Staples
- Sticky Notes

The above are parts of the Things To Take To University In Nigeria.

2) Bedroom Items

- Bed-sheets
- Clothes Hangers
- Duvet
- Duvet Cover
- Hot Water Bottle
- Laundry Bag
- Mini Sewing Kit (thread, needle, etc)
- Pillowcases
- Pillows
- Cable Adaptors
- Foam
- Extension sockets
- External Hard Drive
- Hairdryer And Hair Styling Tools
- Headphones
- Laptop/computer And Charger
- Phone And Charger
- Bluetooth Speakers
- Carpet
- Fan
- Other Electrical Appliances

The above are also parts of the Things To Take To University In Nigeria.

3) Clothing Items.

- Backpack
- Clothes Hangers
- Comfortable Clothing
- Everyday Clothing
- Everyday Shoes
- Formal Clothing
- Formal Shoes
- Nightwear
- Raincoat
- Slippers
- Smart-casual Clothing.

The above are also parts of the Things To Take To University In Nigeria.

4) Kitchen Items.

- Food items
- Tray
- Bottle Opener
- Bowls
- Grater
- Cutlery
- sponges
- Frying Pan
- Glasses
- Mugs
- Oven Gloves
- Plates
- Reusable Food Containers
- Saucepan
- Sharp Knife
- Tin Opener

The above are also parts of the Things To Take To University In Nigeria.

5) Random Items.

- A Torchlight
- Alarm Clock
- Antiseptic Cream
- Antiseptic Wipes
- Batteries
- Birth Control Pills
- Candles
- Comb/brush
- Condoms
- Cosmetics
- Hair Ties
- Kettle
- Mini-fridge
- Multivitamins
- Mosquitoes repellent cream
- Mosquitoes net
- Nail Scissors
- Paracetamol
- Plasters
- Printer
- Razors
- Sun Cream
- Tampons/sanitary Pads
- Toiletries Bag
- Umbrella
- Rubbish Bin
- Hand Soap
- Toothbrush
- Towels

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