Happy Birthday Falola Dorcas Ayomikun 🤩💕💖

One day a year isn’t enough to celebrate someone as special as you.
We're grateful to God, for making our paths cross as friends and family.

Here's us wishing you a Happy Birthday! Cheers to 21!
We have asked friends and family to put this up to celebrate you. You always deserve much more.

Enjoy. Glow!

PS: If you're reading this, kindly help us drop a comment for Dorcas, wishing her a happy birthday and saying a prayer. You can add some spice too. 😀😅


Happy Birthday Falola Dorcas Ayomikun 🤩💕💖
Happy Birthday Dorcas, 
Thank you for your loving heart and your amazing personality.
Thank you for the Joy you extrudeee, I wish you a fruitful new year, keep growing in the father's love. God bless youuu.

- Balogun Goodness

Hey beautiful daughter of Zion
Happy birthday my baby girl. May your joy not turn to sorrow, your life will always reflect God's glory, now and always..
I love you💞

- Oluwatofunmilayo Adesogan (the love of your life)

May the fire of your spiritual altar never grow cold. May you always find comfort in the Holyspirit and in the journey of life you’ll never lack Helpers of destiny. 
Happy birthday Ayomikun ❣️

- Gabriel Adelabu

To Dorcas Ayomikun Falola:
I could recount times and times again of how we met; who you were. Thus has indeed made me come to appreciate and acknowledge the progressive work of the Holy Spirit on the believer which I have seen in you also. You are one with a passion 🔥 for God and an unfeigned love ❤️ for people. Yes, we all are growing yet I have seen a heart that is willing to learn and open to correction, though not without small friction at times. 🌚 Thank you for being an instrument of God, teaching me in ways only Him understands. Thank you also for your labours of love. 
 I pray for you that:
- You abound in the knowledge of God and His will for you in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, walking worthy of the Lord at all times, bringing pleasure to Him and that you walk in greater fruitfulness in all good works that has been ordained that you walk in.
- You abound more in love towards God and the saints.
Happy birthday 🎂 to you, my beloved sister. 🥳 Grow in the grace 💪🏾 and peace 😇 of our Lord Jesus Christ. 😊

- Prince-Paul Amunachugo

Happy birthday Dorcas.
Thanks for being an amazing sister and friend.
May you keep growing in grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
You are a light, keep shining dear.✨

- Olaoye Victor

Happy Birthday Dorcas. 
My special nose beauty, best in photography, talk talk no dey end😂, who deyyyyy?😂
I wish you a Happy Birthday. You have such an amazing soul embodied by a beautiful body. Indeed, God dey create. 

I celebrate God in you, and His workings in your life.
I pray this new year births more convictions in you. I pray your walk with God grows deeper, and you remain firm and established in Him all your life. 
Here's cheers to many more years, of... of snapping pictures of course😂😂. Congratulations dearrrr. I love you❤️

- Oki Oluwademilade

Baby Dee 😍
You make loving you so easy!
May you never lose your wonder!
Happy birthday my darling❤ I Love you dearly💞💞
LMD ✨✨

- Olujinmi Olamide

Sweet smart Dorcas, 
I pray that all that you desire from God be granted unto you and He'll take you places you never imagine.
Keep smiling baby girl, your joy shall continually be full.
I love you big time😚❤️

- Adebowale Similoluwa

It's Cake-Day!😌😂
Happy Merry Birthday, Dorcas. I love you. I love that you love your friends. I ask that you are fearless this year. You take the road you ought to, even when it doesn't seem popular and you blaze that trail. God bless you.

"Smillleeeeee🤳🏽. Cheeeeseeee 😌🤳🏽😊or Cakeeeee!💙"

- Agboola Oluwatomisin

Happy birthday Dorcas. It's been amazing knowing you. Thank you for bringing so much optimism and excitement to the table. I'm proud of the woman you're becoming.

- Ogundoyin Fiyinfoluwa

Happy birthday dearest Dorcas.
I am grateful for your friendship.
May your days on earth count. 
Have the best year, yet.
I love you!

- Olaniyi Sarah

Falola Dorcas! 
I'm not very good with names. But you, I don't know how I know both name and surname so well without ever even asking you. 
You have a wonderful personality.
You love so well and intentionally too. 
I like how you bring so much positivity and happiness into the room.

Dorcas kan, album 1000😹.
Always capturing the moment. 
You are an inspiration for me in that regard.

I love how you are so passionate about the things you do.
How you love. You don't even have to try hard. It is always so evident.
How you always manage to smile through UI stress and all.
I pray that you never lose your wonder.
I pray that you never lose your joy.
You would always have reasons to celebrate in Jesus name.

Cheers to a new age ma🥂.

- Ayorinde Favour

It's your day sweetheart💃💃💃. I'm grateful to God for the gift of you. For having you as a friend and family. For being part of the reasons I take pictures now.
Happy birthday mama 🎉🎉🎉. This new year of yours shall be great. You excel in everything you do.
Love you babes 💓💓💞💞

- Kareem Phoebe

It brings us so much joy to celebrate your birthday with you. We pray that God blesses you and that may you know nothing but happiness from this day onward. May God protect and keep you. Have a very happy birthday Falola Dorcas Ayomikun 🤩💕.

- Campus Verve.

Happy birthday Dorkyyyyyyyyy
Thank you for being a sweet soul and caring when you could be.
Thank you for being a good friend too.
I pray your new year is filled with nothing but JOY🤩🤩

Keep shiningggg.

- Assumpta

Happy birthday D for Dorcas🥰 You are super amazing... It's beautiful the way you love unapologetically. You are a light. Thank you for not hiding under a bushel. You shine brighter, people shall come to the brightness of your rising. God bless you dear. 
I love you🥰😍

- Oluwadaisi peace

May the Lord keep you in good health and may he continue to order your steps in him and grant you all your heart desires. Continue to shine my dear. Love u plenty.😘😘😘

- Mrs Irede

Heb.1.9 - You love it when things are right; you hate it when things are wrong. That is why God, your God, poured fragrant oil on your head, Marking you out as king, far above your dear companions.
Happy birthday Dorcassss 🥰

- Philip Abayomi

Happy birthday Dorcas🥳🥳
I pray that the grass you tread on will always be green, and the sky above you will remain blue and clear. 
May the Lord give you more reasons to smile as you celebrate your day. I pray that the desires of your heart materialize today and always. 
May you never lose your wonders✨.

- Oloyede Oluwatobi

Happy birthday Falola Dorcas🌹🥂,
My dear Daughter💕, I pray that you stand perfect in God's will for your life this year!!!

- Awujola David

To Dorcas love🥰💞
I wish you many more years in good health, sound mind, peace and joy. 
May the Lord cause his face to shine on you all the days of your life. Your lot is preserved. 
I love you dear 💞💞🥰

- Fadeko Comfort

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  1. My darling Dorcas🤩😘.
    I'm excited at what God is doing in your life!.You are all shades of awesome. Your life exudes so much love and joy.
    May the joy of the Lord continually be your strength.
    All that concerns you is made perfect!.
    Cheers to a beautiful and bountiful year darling baby girl😍. You know I love you plenty.

  2. Happy birthday to you Dorcas.


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