5 Ways To Have Money Spending Discipline as a Student

Let's tell ourselves the truth, it isn't everything, the major factor to your doing well in school is funds. Money! And I am here to discuss money issues with you. Not money making but money saving skills, as students there are various extra costs that eat into your allowance, if you even have an allowance and you just have to survive. So I will be sharing 5 keys to save money as a student. So sit tight and off we go ✈✈.

1. Discipline.

This has been a constant k in helping anyone save up on money. Its not every outfit or every snack you buy, its not every show or party, you turn up. And if you are not so buoyant, you can discipline yourself to eat and live in moderation. If you also have a side hustle, Discipline encourages you to combine your academics and work effortlessly. Planning a daily schedule ensures you don't waste time and time is money. Use every resource well.

2. Bulk and cooperative buying.

Many students cook their  meals and one way to save on food especially if you are in the hostel, you can add your money together and buy things like raw foodstuffs like beans, rice, potatoes etc. You can save as little as fifty naira to a hundred and fifty naira. Even palm oil, groundnut oil and other food items come cheaper in bulk . So you save more and eat well.

3. Contentment.

Know yourself, know your home, know your pocket. Do not live above your means. Being content, starts with being happy with the five thousand naira in the bank and working to add more, and living within the money. You don't have to compare yourself to those with fifty thousand naira as an allowance, if they eat sharwarma, pizza and asun all day, that's their business. If they are using the latest IPhone, that's their business. Improve yourself financially and live in your means. Delayed gratification has its merit.

4. Make a budget and stick to it.

Budget cannot be overemphasised, it is as simple as making a list of what you want and need, write what you have as funds and then compare trying to fill in with what you need, then if there's extra you go for your wants. From foodstuffs list to expenses list. You save yourself the stress and ache when you have what you need written down. Prioritise right, put your dues and fees over things like snacks, that new shoes when the old one is still good.

5. Avoid "extra spending" situations.

Anything from penalty fees, leech like relationships 🙄 and fines suck into your money like a vampire, so avoid them. Don't get yourself into compromising situations if you don't have the money. Have you ever wondered why that girl you are still trying to ask out or you are dating is just collecting your money? Because you aren't money savvy, if you need to be single this year to help your finances, please 🙏 do.

So those are the five things you can do to save up this year 2022 as a student in Nigeria, especially. Have a prosperous year ahead 🚀🚀🚀.

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