How to Deal With Depression as a Student.

How to Deal With Depression as a Student.

As a student there is usually turmoil and lots of events that can lead to depression. You could have lost a loved one, you could have lost money in a venture you invested in. In fact, you may not have help as touching feeding and upkeep, it may be your grades that are down and you feel you are either going to drop out or kicked out of school, it may be that your finances are nothing to write home about and there is no one to help you. Or you are looking at the future and it seemed so bleak and everything is falling apart. Did the one you love broke your heart. You may have been abused in any manner. These situations and many more has led many into mental ill health. 

Here are 5 ways to help yourself rise from depression: 

1. Help others.

This popular hashtag, #WeRiseByLiftingOthers that started trending with Davido is not just a social media trend. It is the actual truth, if you actually can think about others and reach out to them selflessly to help them, you will not be overburdened by yours. 

You will actually discover that people are going through worse situations but are still moving on. I am not saying the situation you are facing is good, what I am saying is that the less you focus on yourself and your problems. The less you worry about them and you will be surprised that your needs will be met too by others. Look out for someone else and give someone hope out there. Even if it seems you have no hope, sometimes talking to someone else about your circumstances can encourage you and that individual.

2. Get closer to God

God is the ultimate creator, He is aware of our every need and pain. Whatever religion or sect you follow seek God genuinely and have a relationship with Him. Draw closer to God through genuine channels. He cares about you.

3. Seek help

Mental awareness is something a lot of people are talking about. Mental health, dealing with emotions, thoughts and mindsets are issues that come up. Forgiving yourself and helping yourself heal is necessary in some cases. You have to recognise that depression is a mental health issue and you need help in getting out of that state. Non governmental organisations like Asido and the likes offer services like counselling and so on. You can reach out to them, also you can speak to an older trustworthy person who can advice you or encourage you. Taking drugs or living in denial will not help you. Get help.

4. Surround yourself with people who care about you.

Build a support system that understands you. A group of two or three friends you can cry with, a group of family members that will listen to you. It may even vary so you don't feel like burdening anyone. Join support groups that deal with depression and therapy. Even if you feel alone reach out to someone and if there is no one, then back to number 2 on this blog. Do not keep your tears, worries, hurt, pain or emotions bottled up, open up to people and to God.

5. Journal and Meditation 

Meditate on positive things, concentrate on little things that can change your life. Are you struggling with debt or addiction or are your grades falling apart? Do you feel unloved, rejected and unwanted? Have you been betrayed or everyone has pushed you aside. Get a Journal, a book and write how you feel, write what you think can help you. Start small, record little victories, write out the things you love about yourself. 

Express your emotions in art or drawing or writing in your journal and get in touch with your emotions. Read through each entry once in a while to get feedback on how you are coping. 

Remember you are never alone 💙💙. 

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