14 Most Influential Freshers in the University of Ibadan in 2021

Influence is regarded as popularity in recent times, but let us be conscious of the fact that someone can be popular without influence. 
There are many people of great value and influence in UI but I picked 14 from different departments and faculties and I’d be saying a bit about these 14 and how they became well known.

Below is a list of 14 most influential Freshers for the year 2021 in the University of Ibadan; drawn from different Faculties. Enjoy as you read!
PS:- This list is in no order of their popularity.

1. Ibilola Iyiola (Lolo)

Ibilola Iyiola, popularly known as Lolo, is a student of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Department.
She works with team B.Ads, a micro influencing Advertising Networks that bridges the gap between people and their customers. Lolo is also known for her flare for cooking. 


2. Raji Temiloluwa Daniel (Rajput)

Raji Temiloluwa Daniel, known as Rajput, is a student of the department of Health Education. He is well recognized in the Kenneth Mellanby Hall and he also emerged winner of the Freshman Award of the year, 2021 Mellanby Hall.

3. Joseph Oladejo (Asymptote)

Joseph Oladejo, Popularly known as Asymptote is a Student of the department of Mathematics. He won the Award of the Faculty of science Freshman of the year, 2021. He also bagged 12 awards in 2020/21 session both at faculty and departmental level. He is well known in the Faculty of science, University of Ibadan.

4. Olumide Omotayo Sunday (Senator Olumighty)

Omotayo Olumide, Popularly known as SenAtor_OluMighty, is a student of the department of Political Science. He is the Class Representative for his class and He is also a media Influencer on campus with several activities which channeled towards the general public.

At the beginning of the session, Omotayo Olumide won the Freshest Fresher Award at the Student Union level and also won the Fresher of the Year at the department level as well as the Faculty level coupled with the Class Governor of the Year.

His name became more controversial when he contested for the post of the Assistant General Secretary of the faculty of the social sciences against two others and eventually lost unexpectedly with 5 votes. It's arguably that OluMighty is the most influential 100l student on campus🤒

5. Oluwasegun Adedeji Philemon (PH)

Popularly known as PH, Oluwasegun Adedeji Philemon is an Undergraduate Pharmacy Student in the Faculty of Pharmacy. He also emerged the winner of the UI Students Union Pressman award of the year 2021. He Identifies himself with the trademark Pharmajournalist because he is passionate about Journalism and dissemination of first hand accurate information in the University of Ibadan. 

6. Olamilekan Adeniyi (Mojuba)

Popularly known as Mojuba, Olamilekan Adeniyi is a Student of the Department of Linguistics. 
He co-hosts a Radio Programme in the indigenous Yoruba Dialect, "Iroyin Kakaaki" on Mondays to Wednesdays, 1.30pm on The University of Ibadan Diamond FM.

He contested in the last Faculty of Art Students' Association Election and was elected the Assistant General Secretary of AFAS, one of the Largest Faculty in the University of Ibadan. 

7. Babatunde Dauda (Babzy Jay)

When we talk of creativity per excellence, Babatunde Dauda comes to the mind of everyone. Babatunde Dauda, popularly known as Babzy Jay, is a second year student at the department of medicine and surgery. As a student with keen interest in impactful leadership, he is simultaneously an active member of the Senate and a Congressman at the University of Ibadan Medical Students' Association (UIMSA). He currently, is an ambassador for the AMR Insight and a Colleague of the Kectil Program, Malmar Knowles Family Foundation. 

Being a research enthusiast, he currently works with a team of other young researchers to communicate research for policy engagement. Babatunde runs a tutorial named iTutors Academy for other fellow undergraduate students.

8. Mubarak Alimi 

Mubarak Alimi, popularly known as Doctor Lee, is a Student of Medicine and Surgery Department, University of Ibadan. He's a member and publicity head of the University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association (UIMSA) Preliminary Press (2021/22) and he's also a media influencer and Student PR. He is a member of the Ransome Kuti Hall Student Representative Council and he is well Known in the Nnamdi Azikwe Hall (Zik Hall).

9. Oluwapelumi Komolafe (Arike_onibata)

Oluwapelumi Komolafe, popularly known as Àriké Onibàtà is a Student of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of The Social Sciences. She's known as Àriké Onibàtà because she makes good shoe designs as a shoe-maker. She is the current University of Ibadan Freshman of the Year (UISU Awards).
She served as the P.A to the former president of FIBSU- UI and is the current P.A to the Students' Union House Secretary.

10. Oloyede Joy Oluwadarasimi (Daraj)

Oloyede Darasimi, popularly known as Daraj is a student in the Art and social science education department. He is an entrepreneur and he won the ASSESA Entrepreneur award of the year 2021. 
Currently, He holds the Post of the Assistant General Secretary of NUESA-UI. Oloyede Joy Darasimi has a flare for Politics and he also won the Award of the Most politically inclined Student for NUESA-UI.

11. Adeniyi Adewale (Dancity)

Adeniyi Adewale, Popularly known as Dancity is a Student of the Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development. He owns and runs one of the popular Data Resale Website For Students in the University of Ibadan (Dancitysub.com). He is also the Current handler of Faculty of Agriculture TV(NAAS-UI TV). 
In 2021, he won the Award of the AERD most popular freshman, Influencer of the year and Entrepreneur of the year.

12. Oluwole Ayomide Joy (Sanjay)

Oluwole Ayomide Joy, popularly known as Sanjay, is a 200l student in the faculty of law, UI.
He won the most politically inclined Fresher award at Zik last year, and also got nominated as the Freshman of the year and Political icon of the year in his faculty.

Upon his admission to the University of Ibadan he has served as member, Zik Hall publicity committee.
- Member, Zik hall Supporter's club
- Secretary, zik hall social committee
- Secretary, zik hall, hall week planning committee.
- Honorable, Zik Hall Legislative Council
Currently, he's the PRO, Faculty of Law, UI.

13. Dibia Mac Ernest

Dibia Mac-Ernest is a Student of Guidance and counseling Department, Faculty of Education. Dibia Mac Ernest won the Mr. NUESA 2021 Contest in the faculty of Education. Currently he is the majority leader in Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall ( Legislative Council). He was nominated for Freshman awards at the SU Level and he won other awards in the faculty, department and hall.

14. Ajiboye Oluwaseyi Elisha 

Ajiboye Oluwaseyi Elisha, popularly known as ELISHA is a Student of the Biochemistry Department, where he also served as the class representative in 100 level.

His popularity is wide among Faculty of Science Freshmen 2020/2021 for the Tutorial questions he usually Excerpt from slides and share with his colleagues which he identified as one of the best ways he could help his other colleagues.
He won the Academically inclined Fresher Award at Zik last year. Presently, he is a member of the Nnamdi Azikwe Hall Legislative Council.

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