12 Important Things You Need to get as You are Resuming School as a Fresher

Things to take to school as a fresher in Nigeria

Nothing can be compared to the joy of seeing your letter of admission or acceptance in the school of your choice. Your heart skips, everyone is happy for you or even if the joy is just yours alone. I am happy and here to help you out with 12 things you need as a fresher. These are unisex items and you can add more to this. These are just your basic needs.

12 Important Things to buy when Resuming School as a Fresher

1. Mattress (with or without pillow)

If you are in a Nigerian public University, there is a high chance that you are expected to bring your own mattress. And because sleep is important and necessary, I ranked this as first. The student's bed goes between 8,000 to 15,000 naira depending on size, quality and how comfortable you want it to be. There are also foldable mattresses that go as low as 5,000 to 8,500 naira. If you are looking for cheaper options. But from my point of view, there isn't much of anything in them. You would definitely need some rest after a tiring class. And the bed once purchased remains yours forever. And if you have a spare student's size bed at home, bring it along or if you have elderly ones or people who have graduated ask for theirs.

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2. Reading lamp or Torchlight.

The issue of electricity and light is essential especially when it comes to  reading and any other activity like cooking, bathing or writing notes that has to take place in the night. You need at least one torch or a rechargeable lamp. Please do not rely on your phone's flashlight, keep the battery to make your calls, chat and others. You can have more than one too, so you can use one and charge the other. Dark pathways, roads and emergency situations at night requires you have a torch at hand.

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3. Stove or Gas cooker

This item here is a savior, especially when you don't have money to buy food outside or you don't like eating out. YoStove or Gas cookeru actually save more money, if you make your meals by yourself, because sincerely cooked food is expensive and sometimes junk food is not really a healthy or helpful choice. So get yourself a stove or Gas cooker, depending on your finances and school hostel regulations and save yourself extra by just filling the gas or buying kerosene to cook. As at now a stove should be 5,000 to 8,000 naira and a small gas cylinder and burner should be 15,000 naira and above depending on where you are.

4. Extension box or Adapter.

An extension box is a multipurpose device that helps you charge as many devices as possible. You can charge your laptops, rechargeable torches and lamps, phones, Bluetooth devices etc on just one extension. So in case of a power outage or a total black out, you can easily get a place to charge by just connecting your adapter or extension box to another and get all your devices full. Be careful on how you buy and use it too.

5. Buckets and bowls.

These are household items, that help you store water, fetch water as a student in a Nigerian University. You should have at least 2 buckets and 2 bowls(one for toilet and bathroom use, the other for the kitchen).  At least the kitchen bucket should have a cover, so you can store clean water in it. Even kegs like 5 litres, 10 litres to 50 litres can be used to store water in cases where you aren't so sure of constant water.

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6. Basic Toiletries.

Items like toothbrush, toothpaste, sponge and bathing soap etc are also important. You don’t want to go about stinking the place. You can always get them cheaply at the local market. Toothbrushes are sold as low as a hundred naira and so on. You can also add a hand sanitizer along because of Covid-19 protocol, also shaving kits, creams and basic makeup kit for ladies(powder, lip gloss, eye liner)😁😁😁.

7. At least 2 travelling bags.

You need at least 2 travelling bags, so you can separate your clothing items and other things like cooking utensils and anything else that you may need. You should also get a school bag or hand bag (girls), cross bags or leather folders(guys) or just a plain laptop bag for easy carriage, in the University of Ibadan, the trend is tote bags though 😏. Get yourself one or buy when you get to school, so you can carry your books and writing materials everywhere without carrying a big knapsack everywhere.

8. Stationery.

A farmer going to farm without hoes or cutlass will definitely waste his time and energy. Your main goal as you are headed for the University is to gain knowledge, so you will definitely need some items, notebooks (I recommend hard covers), pencils, pens, calculator, eraser, blades, a ruler, sticky notes, highlighters(you can use your pencil though), flash drives and cellotape/paper tape. There are more you can think of like drawing boards for anyone doing technical drawing in the first year, mathematical set, French curves etc. But just have the basic pen, pencil, eraser, blade and ruler.

9. Cooking utensils.

You can get a pot or two, kettle, cooking spoon, sharp kitchen knife, few cutlery like forks, knives and spoons, plastic or metal plates, at least 2 cups(plastic preferably or ceramic) I would not advise you to have glass cups or breakable dishes, except maybe for special occasions or you know how to care and handle them. These are items you can hand pick at home or buy cheaply in the market (pots can be as low as 5,000 per set of 3 or more depending on where you stay, kettles from 2,500(ordinary) to 8,000 for insulated quality whistle blowing kettles👌🏾). If you aren't on a tight budget you can add chopping boards, frying pan, non stick pot and pans, spatula, draining spoon etc to make everything more comfy. If not stick to the essentials in the first three lines.

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10. Food items

Food items like garri, rice, beans, salt, pasta and spices that can easily be stored without spoiling can be carried from home or bought in the local market near your school. But I advise you get some of these from home, before you learn about the pricing system and your surroundings, so you don't starve. Provisions like golden morn, corn flakes, milk, chocolate drinks(brands like Milo, Ovaltine, Cowbell), custard, biscuits etc😋 can also be packed along.

11. Clothes and shoes.

You need clothes, you can't walk naked around campus. You don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe along too. Just basic clothes like jeans, t-shirts, six to seven dresses for ladies, at least two nice trousers and a couple of shirts for guys, a formal wear like suit jackets, native attires, you can add more but don't forget how you will arrange them and transport them. Shoes like sneakers, formal footwear, sandals etc are okay too. Some courses have a dress code like Law, get to know what you need to wear before resumption.

12. Personal effects

Personal effects are items that are just for you, like your towels, hair accessories, clothing accessories, bedding and blankets, laptops, phones and electronic devices, any skin care or hair care products,( framed pictures, calendars, curtains ) for decoration and functionality. Anything extra that makes you comfortable 😌.
So these are the twelve things you will need as a fresher or if you are going back to school. 

Drop your comments or questions in the comments section below. Thank you

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  1. Wow! This was really helpful, I actually forgot I would be needing a rechargeable lamp. Thank you


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