8 Types of Food for Broke University Students

I always searched around for budget friendly meals especially in my Pinterest and on the web. As a lover of food and by the necessity of food to we, students. I have compiled 7 food ingredients plus the types of meals that can be created from them. So sit back, take notes and re-create these dishes.



8 Types of Food for Broke Students

The first on the list is Potatoes, this is the one of the most versatile tuber crop, and also one of the cheapest options you can find in the market, the downside about potatoes is that it does not really store for a long period. But this tuber crop, rich in Vitamin C especially the sweet potatoes is packed with nutrients, fibres and is equally filling, and it can be fried in oil, made into pottage, boiled like yam to eat with egg, pepper sauce or anything suitable, mashed and eaten like that. As students this is our very friendly option. So next time you are headed to the market don't by pass the potatoes.



8 Types of Food for Broke Students

This should be our first though but then, we cannot overemphasise the importance of Garri, or what most students call garrium sulphate 😎. Garri is simply fried cassava flakes, the life saver,  the stomach helper, it goes a long way in aiding students. Whether you are eating it raw, drinking it, making it into the local "Eba" or you are adding it to cooked beans as a topping, Garri has your back with little money and accompaniments as simple as water, sugar,  groundnut etc. You are assured of a full belly. It also stores well, though you should watch out of rats and rodents who are interested in it. Also you can make the rich man's garri too, build your garri up with coconut, condensed milk, groundnut, sugar and even chocolate powder then add ice cubes for a chilled effect.


8 Types of Food for Broke Students

This item also is a good example of food you cannot do without, beans is a legume that serves various purposes, but it isn't without its stress as touching kerosene,  so use gas for faster cooking , but then the nutritional value is essential, as the major plant protein source for Nigerian students, it deserves a place here. Our combos for beans makes it something to look forward too, rice and beans, beans and plantain, beans and potatoes pottage, beans topped with garri, beans and bread and so on. Or if you like the more traditional route, you should blend it to make fried beancakes(akara) or steamed beans pudding (moi-moi) and enjoy with garri, pap, bread or custard.


A round of applause for the number one fast food for students, noodles that comes in different brands like Indomie, Golden Penny, Minimie etc. It has rescued many students who have early morning classes and 7 am exams,  your noodles can be made in various ways and it comes in different flavours. And more flavours are still made, so explore too. You can combine with rice, plantain, egg, fish, meat, crayfish. Have you heard of concoction, jollof, fried noodles ? There are just so many ways that noodles can be cooked and eaten.


8 Types of Food for Broke Students

This is a Nigerian staple diet, although its price is on the increase, we are placing it here because of the combinations and variety you can get out of it, the ease of it being cooked and it consuming less fuel. Rice is delicious, fast and goes well with various ingredients. You can make palm-oil rice at less than #1,000, student jollof rice, fried rice with 3 ingredients, white rice and beans and so on. You can ever combine rice and pasta of your choice. I'm practically drooling 🤤 over a plate of rice and ewa goyin sauce with beans 😋.


8 Types of Food for Broke Students

Pasta is the general name for your Spaghetti, macaroni, twists et al. They also come in different brands and its just 10 minutes to get a perfect al dente texture, all the way from Italy, this food has  adapted to our  cooking techniques. It also pairs well with other types of food. You can enjoy alone white, with tomato sauce, stir fry with veggies and any protein of your choice.


This is invariably a game changer (salt, pepper, curry powder, thyme, ginger powder, turmeric etc ) they add tons of flavours, store well for months and make your meals delicious and appetising. They may seem cheap and little but just by adding a bit of this in your cooking along with onions. You are in for a lovely experience. Your curry gives that fried rice colour naturally, your thyme gives a buzz and if you like heat (go for pepper)


8 Types of Food for Broke Students

This plays a key role in your health,( okra, African Spinach, Pumpkin leaves, Water leaf etc ) they can be used to make delicious soups that are healthy supplements along with swallows, rich in vitamins and minerals, a hundred naira worth of okra or bitter leaf can go a long way in ensuring you have a balanced diet, add crayfish and locust beans and you have a students' soup.

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