7 Things in University of Ibadan You Should Know About as a Fresher

Hi👋 ..... Happy New Year.
I'm here again, but with something new. If you followed my last post, on my introduction to the University of Ibadan. I had promised not too leave you in the dark, so I am here to deliver on my promise. Today's topic actually is the million dollar question, You are seeking admission in the University of Ibadan or you have already gotten admission and you are asking yourself. What would I face? What can I expect from the U. I experience? I am sure you have watched a lot of tik-tok videos (on chilling with the big boys and running kiti kiti 😅😅😅) but that's not all there's to the University of Ibadan.

So I'm going to go through 7 things an average student should experience in the University of Ibadan. There are more experiences but for now, let's start with these ones.


In the University of Ibadan, your independence and maturity is seriously tasked, the lecturers, teaching and non teaching staff expect you to be able to make well informed decisions and work with little or no guidance. They expect you to set your priorities right and be able to work under pressure. You should speak out for what you want, but also be respectful and smart enough to know when. In fact you must carry out activities without aid or supervision, if you do rubbish, you will suffer the consequences.


You will be surprised that you either move close to God or the pressure will overwhelm you. The University of Ibadan is no playground yet people play smartly, it isn't just about book, there's more to it, so you need the help of God, whether you are a Muslim or Christian or any religion. You need God in your life, this isn't really a necessity but its important.


I am sure many of us, undergraduates and jambites, are usually in our teen years, trying to find out what we want out of life,  wanting to explore life, use opportunities, make each year count. Well coupled with all these, the University of Ibadan brings along different opportunities and fun things. We have clubs, associations and activities apart from school work, that will definitely attract you even religious activities. You have to balance all these and set your priorities straight. You will make choices on how your day should be spent and what your time will be used for. That was one of the things I faced as a fresher. You can ask from senior students and friends and relatives how they coped.

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I used to tell my friends that U. I  and stress are like 5 and 6. Lecturers and the system love to task students, they can be super strict and often times come off as wicked (I didn't say that oh ) But the real truth is that, they are not. It is what makes the first and best what it is, the rigorous training and all the stress from sitting long hours in a class, or queueing up in the hot sun for just one slip of paper, that becomes so important, that you won't graduate without. Or rushing to submit multiple projects, and assignments, or last minute classes. All these shape you to being the first and best.


The University of Ibadan, expect all freshers to be in the assigned halls, it is an unspoken rule passed  from generation to generation. Your Hall of residence, and your rooms  will be a big change, if u had your own personal room at home, sorry oh! You will share your room with people depending on the size, although due to Covid-19 protocol, the population per room has been halved. But you will learn to adapt to different attitudes, eating, bathing and dressing habit, even sleeping habit. Just be prepared for the worst and pray for good room mates. Anyway it encourages making new friends and family and even networking for business life. Make the most of it.


Shocker, you think U. I is all about book, Nah... sorry. I think one of the most fascinating thing I observed in U. I was that,  everything is well scheduled and happens at the appropriate times, there are dinners, gyration parties, club dinners, variety nights, cultural nights, competitions,  beauty pageants and a hubbub of activities. You can get carried away, but there are also other activities like trade fairs, health day, ewa or garri or Spaghetti nights, initiations and fresher's welcome from different religious fellowships and groups. There's more to do than I can write here. So much more, just select wisely and have fun.


This is not just about boy and girl fell in love blah blah. No! Your relationship with everyone in school,  how you take people you come across daily can save your life, that cleaner that sweeps your corridor may be the eye that watches over things going on your floor, that elderly woman who sells things in front of your faculty, may tell you where to find the Dean, when no one knows.
Also, in romantic relationships,  you should use your head and apply as much sense as possible. Get your priorities and options right. School doesn't need the headache and cost of dating,  if you ask me anyway, by the time you see 606 slides, you should get your head in place.
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