5 Places Where Someone's Son Can Find You in the University of Ibadan

"Somebody's son will find me one..." Oops, Here we go again, this song has been playing everywhere, all thanks to Mama Jam Jam and Brandy. On Instagram, tik-tok even WhatsApp, practically everywhere but this is just a precursor to our topic, which is the above, you can't really expect love to find you if you are holed up in your room. Come on out and explore! Okay let me give you 5 locations on the campus of the University of Ibadan, there are other places by the way, just saying. 

1. S. U. B field 

Students Union Building University of Ibadan

This is a place for playing matches and getting matches(no pun intended). The pitch draws football lovers as it plays host to various inter-Hall, inter-Faculty, even inter-department matches, you can easily be discovered as someone's missing rib. Just saying the more crowd, the more your chances, because even though you don't love the game, you have to support your department or Faculty, so you have to go(from experience ). A plus is that you don't need spike boots and jersey's, just come looking good and smile 😉. 


Love Garden University of Ibadan

Located near Mellanby Hall, near the Takena Tamuno building, opposite Tedder Hall. This place offers shade and a place to meet new people and hopefully someone's child. A lot of meetings from diverse groups, tutorials, clubs, to auditions take place here. So head up to relax under the shade and get ready to meet someone new.


Nnamdi Azikwe Hall Week University of Ibadan

This is not a particular place, rather it is a week of events planned out by each Hall in the University of Ibadan. This is a great avenue to meet that special person or to be met. Because a lot of students come out to view these events and have fun, from the rallies to movie nights to cultural and variety nights. There's no doubt if you come for these events,  that you won't be met by someone new, so don't stay inside your room, come out and have fun and who knows 😉. 


Heritage Park University of Ibadan

Located just before getting to Trenchard, this is a place of relaxation and a meeting point. And also a lot of people walk to and fro, from school to the gate using the path that cut through there, so if you are really looking for someone, take a friend or two and head out there, or just stroll around and gist.

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NIMELSSA UI Health Week Dinner

Variety nights, cultural days and other events and activities planned by the various faculties have proven yet again to be places to meet someone. Actually,  whether it is your faculty or department or not, if you really want to meet people turn up in where these events take place. You will definitely meet new people and even someone's son or daughter. 

Actually on writing this article,  I discovered that sometimes its not just a particular place or location that you can actually meet that special someone, sometimes events that take place somewhere can lead you to such a person. So have fun, explore even if you really aren't after someone's child like me, that's what the University is for anyway😜😜😜.

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