8 Best Study Spots in the University of Ibadan

I am sure whenever we hear the University of Ibadan, the first that comes to mind is academic prowess and success😉. The University that continues to rank the highest with the best reputation for academics, you would definitely need to read or in a correct manner (study, Jack and so on) .

The University of Ibadan boasts of several places to actually carry out such time consuming and brain building process. Let's say with the help of popular opinions we chose this five, I am sure that the criteria includes comfort, the noise level, the Mosquito level (if you are a TDBite or MTNite 😆), electricity, accessibility amidst others

1) Technology Lecture Theatre (TLT)

faculty of technology lecture theatre university of ibadan

Our first point of call is TLT, sorry in UI, we love abbreviations 😌. This place is popular on lips especially if you are in Faculty of Technology (Tech) or you are placed in Halls near Tech. 

UI has many amazing lecture theatres but let's say students choices differ, this is where (TDB- Till Day Break and MTN- Morning till Night) studying takes place actually, even things like night tutorials, group discussions etc are very common there. They are also usually open for use during the day too except in cases where they are used for lectures or examination venue. So next time you want to read, try out TLT and come back to testify😂😂😂. It is located in the Faculty of Technology, not so difficult  to find if you are in Halls like Queen Idia, Obafemi Awolowo, Independence, Azikiwe and Kuti even Abdusalam Abubakar.

2. Computer Lecture Theatre (CLT)

Another jacking arena, where the battle of the mind and books meet is the CLT. Located in the Faculty of Science, not too far away from the popular CBN lecture theatre and Chemistry buildings. This place is reputable for having sockets for charging and huge mosquitoes, so come prepared with insect repellent or socks to anyone reading this. No permission to sleep here during night reading, but it is also a good place for tutorials and group reading with the white board and fans. You really should try it out.

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3. Kenneth Dike Library (KDL)

As a student in the University of Ibadan,  as soon as you come in you get orientation on the facilities available for you, and one of such is Kenneth Dike Library, all faculties in the University have libraries too but this is the central library. 

This beautiful place is located near the Faculty of Arts, with Wi-Fi access, comfortable chairs, tables and students left and right studying like no tomorrow,  if you lack motivation to read, you will find it there. The library usually gives a card and a small booklet on navigation and guidance on the use of the library after registration and payment of school fees, you are also required to register online too. Kenneth Dike is blessed with a 24 hour reading room, general reading room and so many studying facilities. If you don't like the other options thus far, please try this. Note: if you are going for night reading,  please leave early so u can get a seat (A word is enough for the wise)

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4) Faculty of Pharmacy Lecture Theatre (BPharm)

faculty of pharmacy lecture theatre university of ibadan

We are onto another choice, Pharmacy Lecture Theatre (BPharm), if you have room mates, friends in the department of Pharmacy, you will probably hear it on a common basis. This Faculty theatre plays host to many students who are diligently reading or ahem... As I was saying so you can find this spot in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Students flock there especially during the pressure hours of examination  especially those with oversized sweat pants, hoodies and socks (because as early as 12 midnight, the cold comes down) to ensure maximum heat conservation. This Theatre is very good for studying too. Like other lecture theaters it is subject to authority on it being accessible to students. Have fun getting in those slides.

5) Faculty of Agriculture Lecture Theatres

Yes, one of my favourite places. The Faculty of Agriculture in the University of Ibadan boasts of 2 main lecture theatres (Small Lecture Theatre (SLT) Large Lecture Theatre (LLT). That is why I pointed out the abbreviation, it has other departmental theatres but then these ones are usually filled with students. 

The LLT is the first conspicuous building you would meet on getting to the Faculty, during the day it is usually a hubbub of activities especially at the nether part of the building, photocopy and printing services, food and all but in the night, it is a perfect place to bring your extension box, phones and laptops to charge and read. It can get noisy though but then you will still get that chance to read to your heart's content, for SLT the same, just keep an eagle's eye on your things though. They are both easy to locate and you can hold group discussions there.

Of course, there are a lot more great study spots on the campus of the First and Best, if yours is not included in the above, drop them in the comment section and tell us why and your experiences too.

6. Faculty of Law Lecture Theatre

Faculty of Law University of Ibadan
The faculty of Law Lecture theatre is another favourite spot for reading and group discussion activities for Students in the University of Ibadan, especially Students in the faculties of Art, The Social Sciences and Law itself. Like the others, the Faculty of Law Lecture theatre is open for reading for all Students and even for night reading too.

7. SUB Reading Room

Students Union building university of ibadan

The Students' Union Reading room is another study spot that is open for reading activities in the University of Ibadan. The SUB reading room does not get many students users due to its location at the heart of the campus which is usually noisy in the day because of  the mini market in the area. However, some Students still use here for night reading and other group discussion activities.

8. Anatomy Reading Room (ARR)

anatomy department university of ibadan

The Anatomy department reading room is also one of the best study spots in the University of Ibadan on our list. The ARR as it is popularly called is opened to only Medical Students for reading and group discussions. The medical students who normally patronize its use are 200L and 300L Preclinical Students 

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