See 17 year-old UI Law Student and Mobile Photographer Who Has Taught More Than 2,000 Photography

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Awobajo Oluwatunmise Flourish is a 100 level Law student of the University of Ibadan whose love for photography is taking her places. The 17 year old photographer who never spent a day learning photography and prefers to be called a mobiographer has taught over 2,000 in her several online classes how to take pictures professionally using a mobile phone.

Oluwatunmise popularly known for her brand name, Mishe Shots is an indigene of Ogun State and the first child of three children. She describes her journey into photography as one borne out of circumstance.

In an interview with Ibpostcards, when she was asked what influenced her photography journey, she said: "Well, my delay in school resumption actually did. I got admission in 2019, but I didn't get to resume school until 2021. I had just finished secondary school at that time, didn't have any work to do. I was always bored. In the midst of my boredom, one fateful morning, I carried my mom's phone and I took a picture of a flower. So that's how it all started. Later on, I moved on to sunset, cloud photography and here I am."

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Though studying law, Awobajo says she might take up photography as a full time job but still hasn't arrived at a decision yet. Speaking on her family's reaction to her choice passion she said: "My family has always been my number one support. Although there were hitches and quarrels with this sometimes. A point came where I had to use my Mom's phone for everything photography. I'll snap and edit, post on my Instagram page, Twitter handle using her phone, so at times when she'll want to use her phone for her business and she'll be like, you'll soon stop this thing.

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"Also my Daddy was worried I won't be able to balance it with school, being that I'm a law student, and the workload and all. But later on, when they saw what I was doing with photography and how far I was going, I got their full support. Two weeks ago, my Daddy called me (he saw one of my product shoot on Instagram) he was like "Hope I'm putting my name tag on it, so people won't steal it". I knew I had got his full support." 

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Her online classes started after her mentor, Sir Fortune Nnamdi encouraged her to start teaching photography. She admits to have been scared at the time but after the turn out of her first class which recorded 1,000 students, she has been become a professional at training people from across Africa and the world in mobile photography.

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On how she is able to combine her studies with photography, she admits the challenges but tells Ibpostcards she always tries to find a balance by giving more priority to her studies. Asides photography, Oluwatunmise sings in her church choir, is a copywriter and also does a little of graphic designing.

With more plans to reach out to the world with her passion, Oluwatunmise tells Ibpostcards she plans to own a mobile photography school in the nearest future. "I plan on opening a mobile photography school in the nearest future. To encourage youths like I, that they can be their own photographer with just their mobile phone camera."

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"In 5 years, I see myself graduating from University (if strike doesn't loom), a fully independent godly lady, established in photography and in other spheres of life. touching and inspiring lives throughout Africa and the world beyond." She said.

Oluwatunmise is indeed is an inspiration to her generation, the young vibrant student is taking the world by storm.

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