I have no Engagement with the Imposter, UI VC talks on Impersonation

The University of Ibadan recently informed the public about an imposter who has claimed to be Prof. Kayode Oyebode Adebowale, the 13th Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan through social media channels, Campus Verve reports.

In a Bulletin Release dated 29th October, 2021, the Management of the School explained that the imposter has been soliciting for favours in the name of the Vice Chancellor through a Fake Facebook Page and Instagram account.

The Vice Chancellor, through the release categorically alerted the public that he has no formal engagements with the Imposter of have any connection with Him and the members of the University Community and large should beware of this individual.

Here's the Statement: 

4450 Special Release 29 October, 2021


The attention of the Management has been drawn to the dubious impersonation of Prof. Kayode Oyebode Adebowale, FAS, mni, the 13th Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ibadan. 

Information has reached the Vice-Chancellor designate of the premier University that a dubious person has created a Facebook page with Kayode Oyebode Adebowale, being used to soliciting favours in his name. 

The dubious person also created an Instagram account in which several people were added. These are in addition to the use of a particular telephone number identified as +2347065664894 attached to his name by the questionable individual. 

The person has been calling and inviting people, masquerading as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ibadan with the photograph of Professor Adebowale.

Prof. Adebowale wishes to categorically inform the University community and the general public that he has not assigned anyone with such an engagement, meeting, and appointment.
He is yet to resume office and has not been mandated to act as the Vice-Chancellor. 

He, therefore, dissociates himself from this heinous impersonation and advises the public not to 
fall prey to any such invitation.

Thank you.

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