Richard Breaks Silence about Alleged Assault of His Campaign Manager

University of Ibadan Students Union President aspirant, Oladeji Richard, has responded to the incident about the alleged assault of his campaign manager in an interview with the Independence Hall Press.

This was to clear doubts and assertions that the news was cooked up and false. He believes the incident was true and his campaign manager was set up by some persons who are against his political aspirations.

He also said he believes the persons that attacked Olamide are Students of the University of Ibadan and the issue has been escalated to the School authorities and the Security unit is looking into the case already.

Here are his exact statements as captured in the interview with the Independence Hall Press: 

"The incident was true. My campaign manager, Akinola Olamide, a 300-level psychology student of the Faculty of Social Sciences. We were at the Faculty and we received a call that Kenny want to see him. They made it look like it was the popular Kenny from Zik Hall. When he got to SU building, they collected his car key, put him in the booth and took him to Oba dam. That was last week on September 29th. Around 5 p.m." 

"He was taken to Oba Dam. He was beaten and they called the person that set him up."

"There was an earlier confrontation in the faculty. Someone in my faculty, I’ll hold her name to protect her identity."

"The case is still with the school authorities and since they have not concluded yet, I should still withhold her name. That’s one the ethics of security. She is vying for the position of the Faculty Social Director and she happens to be in my department. So there was a discussion in the faculty that she is vying for the position of the Faculty Social Director and she is supporting someone outside the faculty. When you finally become the Faculty Social Director, you would prioritise the interest of a non-FATSSSAites over that of someone in the faculty. You should lead by example."

"That was what happened. And they called her through a video call to confirm if that was the person who said so and she said ‘yes’. They tried taking him outside the school but when they got to the school gate where they give back the tag to security men, the guy (campaign manager) rough-handled them and forced his way out of the moving vehicle and we filed a case at the security unit, they called the girl and she admitted that she did that. But she was playing on the fact that she didn’t know they would take it to that extent."

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