FUTA Student builds 100Wh Laptop Power Bank, Power Station and Emergency Wall Lamp

Adu Iyanu, a 300l undergraduate of the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) FUTA built a laptop power bank, power station and emergency wall lamp. 

Campus Verve gathered through a chat with Futa Bro while explaining his creations and their features,  he said " This is a laptop powerbank which can bank about 100wh of energy which can be used to recharge an average laptop from 0 to 100 percent twice conveniently without any problem. Aside from that it can be used to charge smart phones and also  power energy saving bulb for reading in the night. It is very portable and also light in weight."

" The DuPower E300 is a power station which can store upto 300wh of energy which can be used to recharge laptops, smartphone and other portable battery powered devices many times before it runing down the device completely.

For example it can recharge an average laptop 6 times, A smartphone of 4000mAh upto 21 times . It can also power energy saving Led and LCD TVs and decoders for hours on without any problem, it can also power electric bulbs, 12v DC fans and so on.

It is recharged in just 3hours from mains power supply.Thanks to fast charging Technology."

"A wall lamp  is a device that is permanently installed on the wall of your room with it's wires connected directly to mains power supply so that whenever there is nepa power supply it recharges itself automatically and it is controlled by a TV remote for putting on/off the lamp which is good for emergency blackout situations.

It is very cheap, simple and small but powerful because it has an internal battery of 10,000mAh capacity which keeps the lamp constantly  bright for hours without dropping.

It also features Automatic charging, temperature control, overcharging protection and over discharging protection and Remote control for easy switching on/off at your comfort zone and it also puts off its self automatically when there is power supply (NEPA light). I have tried my best to put all these awesome features in this small but mighty device."

Source: FUTA BRO Facebook Page

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