Don’t Influence UI Students’ Union Election Because of 2023 – Stakeholder Cautions Makinde’s Aide, Victor Olojede


A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman, of the next generation.

The University of Ibadan is an open ground for every individual. She has truly raised minds for noble causes through equal chances given to students to hold Leadership positions irrespective of their gender, religion, title or tribe.

While some higher institution in other part of the country allows only the indigenes of a state or a popular tribe to emerge as leaders in their schools, this is not the case in our dear University.

The political culture and the political socialization process in this noble institution are; your bounds of knowledge to advance cherished goals, self reliability and uniting the student populace. It is this thirst for strong debate, credible campaigns and political permutations that produced renowned leaders of the University like Tokunbo Salako, Babatunde Badmus, Aliyu Oladimeji and others.

The good work of Mr Victor Dideolu Olojede (The Special Adviser to Oyo State Governor on Student Affairs) has been well reflected across the state and very much appreciated. In all fairness, appreciate we appreciate his vibrance and his contributions to his alma mater.

However, his attempt to trade 2023 election campaign spot for UI Presidency is clearly uncalled for, totally unacceptable and fundamentally against the inherent principles of Democracy

While we understand that it is normal and quite understandable that his attempt is about the protection of 2023 election for his principal, this should not be at the detriment of over 8,000 accredited students that are ready to choose their next leader at free will. We wish to inform you that you can only work with the next elected leader by the students and not with your ANOINTED CANDIDATE. Remember, this is not LADOKE AKINTOLA UNIVERSITY, where you can boss them around as a godfather you want to be.

Your last conversation with some leaders and specifically, Faculty of Art President, where you were trading your sponsorship to the faculty for a political candidate is not encouraging. You promised your donation in the spirit of support for your University and Faculty, not a political bargain.

We hope you come out to disclaim this. We have receipts

Uites are one of the most intellectual set of students you can come across in the globe. In history, we are never bought by threat or money. We will happily collect your goodies and do justice with with our own assessment. Please revisit the Oyo Gubernatorial Elections of 2015 and 2019

For the few days left to election, allow the University to breathe and keep your goodies till ‘After Party’.

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