See How Imposter Lecturer duped UI Students of their Phone


It was an unfortunate Wednesday morning for Chike and Ibrahim (real name withheld) as a man dupe both students of their phones. Chike, a 200-level student of the Faculty of Renewable and Natural Resources was on his way for his lectures on Wednesday, 22nd May, 2021, when a yet-to-be identified man looked at him familiarly as he approached the Faculty of Agriculture’s Large lecture Theatre. Chike arrived the faculty around 10am and was about to attend a lecture when he saw a man conversing with Ibrahim, a 200-level student of the Faculty of Agriculture, at the faculty.

He looked at Chike familiarly and as such Chike greeted him thinking he was a lecturer. This man soon approached Chike and had a conversation with him. He claimed to be a lecturer at the Faculty of Law and that his name is Barrister Ola. However, he needed some important documents which he forgot to bring with him from the Faculty of Law and that his phone was switched off as a result of a flat battery. The self-acclaimed barrister requested Chike to help him with his phone to make a call through to someone at the Faculty of Law in order for Chike to help him get the documents over to him at the Faculty of Agriculture.

Being a supposed lecturer, Chike obliged him this request and he put a call through to someone in the said faculty. However, Chike could not listen if he actually made a call or feigned to make a call. Afterwards, Barrister Ola asked Chike to help him go to the Faculty of Law to retrieve the said document and also gave him a transport fare of ₦500 in order to hasten the journey. Chike obliged his request and went down to the Faculty of Law in search of the office of the self-acclaimed Barrister Ola. The Barrister asked Chike to give him his phone so that he would be able to call his person at the Faculty of Law so he could locate Chike in order to give him the document since his phone was switched off.

While at the faculty, Chike met a staff of the faculty who he described as being old enough to be his father or even older. The staff on hearing the name “Barrister Ola” was unsure of the name. However, he helped Chike to the office of a lecturer at the Faculty of Law whose name is Olaniyan instead. On getting to Dr. Olaniyan’s office, it was locked and this staff asked Chike to check the next building. As Chike proceeded in the search of the office of this barrister, he met Ibrahim, the student he saw with the acclaimed barrister at the Faculty of Agriculture. It was at this point he began to get suspicious.

He asked Ibrahim what he was doing at the Faculty of Law and Ibrahim narrated the story of how the barrister asked him to help him retrieve a document from the Faculty of Law. Ibrahim was also given the sum of ₦400 for his own part of the journey. Chike gave up his search at this point but Ibrahim enquired further in search of the office of Barrister Ola to no avail. Both students resulted to racing back to the Faculty of Agriculture, but the self-acclaimed barrister was already gone with the phones of both students. The students decided to go to the school gates to see if they would find the man. Their search for the man at the first, second and Ajibode gates of the school was futile.

In the evening of the same day, both students reported the incidence to the university’s security outfit, Abefele. The security outfit were of little help to the plight of these students, but were asked to put down their details. Chike described the self-acclaimed barrister to be within his late 20s to mid-30s. Ibrahim also said that he saw the man with a Samsung phone which Chike claimed was not his phone as he uses a Tecno phone. Chike questioned Ibrahim as to why he saw the Samsung phone with the barrister and still gave him his own phone. Ibrahim said he thought the Samsung phone was for Chike and so he also gave the barrister his own phone.

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