UI Law Graduate Cries out that She Desperately Needs a Job, Shares Academic Degrees

A law graduate has shown no shame as she took to social media to cry out that she urgently needs a job.

The graduate of University of Ibadan identified as Zainab Aderonke Adeyemo said she resorted to this after unsuccessfully searching for a job.

Zainab stated that she is open to working in either a law firm, insurance company or financial institution and doesn’t mind relocating for that purpose.

A desperate law graduate has taken to social media to publicly appeal that she needs help with getting a job.

Zainab Aderonke Adeyemo shared on her LinkedIn wall snaps of her university degree and call to bar certificate.

Reactions as desperate female law graduate begs for job on social media, shares her academic qualifications

According to Zainab, she is interested in openings at law firms, financial institutions and insurance companies.

The second class lower graduate from University of Ibadan added that she was willing to relocate if the job demanded so.

Why she resorted to job-hunting on social media
Zainab explained that she had sent numerous mails to employers with no success.

The lady who completed her NYSC in February 2021 said that the employers would cite her grade or inadequate work experience as reasons for not giving her a job.

People encouraged her

Kor Dzawua remarked:

“Congratulations in advance, I don’t think it has to do with grades neither lack of experience…the Nigerian job market is terribly over saturated and lawyers are not spared but God will make a way for you,keep pushing!”

Ibukunoluwa Durojaiye said:

”Girl, you’ll get that job very very soon. Sooner than you expected by God’s Grace.”

Mitchel Chibuoke commented:

”I also finished NYSC on February 2021 and I am into digital entrepreneurship. I don’t know if you will be free to see for yourself if it is something you can do. The pay is massive. Let me know if you are interested and I will send it straight away.”

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