CAMPUS TORI: How to Increase Your CGPA in the University

How to Increase Your CGPA | Grow Your CGPA and Graduate in Flying Colours:


You must know how to increase your CGPA and learn how to grow it from where it is now to where it should as a student so you can graduate with flying colors. Every student, parents and teachers alike are all geared towards the goal of getting good grades and although education goes beyond god grades, it is expected of you while in school to try and get nice grades, as they help you later on in life in many ways than you can imagine.

As a university student, your heartbeat should be your graduating grade, measured in as CGPA and how to increase your CGPA is a constant thought you must or should be thinking about. 

The good news here is the fact that it is never too late to start building on a good CGPA. So do not lose faith because you are in year three, four or five as the case may be and think it is impossible to do well in your overall assessment. Though we know wasted time cannot be recovered, we should also have it in mind that it is never too late to begin a good course. So brace up you learn how to increase your CGPA.

What is CGPA? 

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average.

It is the average of your grade points obtained for all courses you undertook in an academic session. It is a means of assessment to ascertain a student’s academic performance in the tertiary institution system.

Most students say “Baba no be by high cgpa” but the truth is a good CGPA might not really be the guarantee to success in life, but might as well be part of it. For all the time and resources spent in the university, why not just try to make something good out of it?

Not everyone can always have banging A grades in their exams. As a matter of fact, there are some of us with really low CGPA and this has kept us very worried and sad at times because of the pressure and desire to come out with a good result. It’s certainly not the end of the world. As the saying goes, When there’s will, there’s hope! There are quite a number of things you can do from now to revive that dying CGPA because it’s never over till it’s over.

You might have made some couple of mistakes earlier in your school year but that doesn’t mean there’s no chance of them being fixed.

Here are the ways to grow and build your Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA into something worthwhile, they are;

1. Know Your Stand:

This is the first guide to reviving a dying CGPA. You must honestly identify where you stand at the moment so as to know how to put yourself together and plan for the mountain ahead of you which you are to climb.

Evaluate all the possibilities available for you, set targets for yourself and create some determination in your mind as to what you want to achieve.

Be truthful to yourself about how bad and critical the situation at hand might be; this will help you plan towards taking extra classes, getting tutors, etc. Knowing where you stand helps ginger you up to improve. This is the first step on how to build your cgpa.

2. Know Your Flops:

It is important that you identify what went wrong with your grades if you were distracted and pulled away by social activities or friends or if you have been using a bad study pattern or lack of adequate materials. Identifying the cause of the problem makes it easier for you to work towards a solution. If it was phobia for exams, you can read my article on how to overcome exam fear by clicking HERE

You must evaluate yourself and make a decision to improve and overcome those mistakes that caused your set back. Follow these steps and watch the change.

3. Start Early:

The best way to increase your CGPA and graduate with a first-class or second class upper is for you to start early. Start from your first day in school to begin the journey of planning your grades and knowing how to develop them. Get it right from the start and build on it.

4. Be Consistent:

 The key phrase in building or increasing of anything is consistency. Work consistent, no matter how small the effort maybe rather than putting in a hard and inconsistent effort.

5. Have a Well Planned Schedule: 

Have a well planned time and place for studying, this will help you stay consistent in reading and studying. This is one of the main issues as regarding how to increase your CGPA as without a good schedule that is consistently followed, studying and passing with good grades is a mirage.

6. Work Hard and Work Smart:

 You must be hardworking and smart working too to get a good CGPA. You must know your different studying methods and when to apply them. You must know how to study from the beginning of the semester to gain a broad knowledge of your course and when to narrow down your reading to a particular scope during examinations. Take all assignments and test seriously, as your continuous assessment helps better than your examination most times.

7. Know your Lecturers and their Individual Approaches

Yes, you must understand your individual lecturers and know-how their tests, exams and other assessment come and are graded. Give individual lecturers what they want and don’t have a general basis for handling them.

8. Rely on God

Yes the God factor helps in all aspects of life including education and academics, exploit it.

Campus Verve NG wishes you the best in your Academic journey!

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  2. Thank you so much for this post. However, for #2: Know your flops, I'm finding it difficult to load the page for "Overcoming exam fear"


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