UI continues PYTP Despite Student's Covid-19 case

By: Ibikunle, Toluwani Elijah

Contrary to the reports of Thursday, 11th February on the suspension of  the Pratical Year Training Program (PYTP) because of a positive COVID case, new reports have circulated that the program will now continue.

UCJ UI earlier reported that a student on PYTP had contracted the coronavirus.

“Good afternoon guys, as per the new directive from the Dean, everyone is to remain at their PYTP post for this semester which means PYTP continues. Those who are meant to travel should please do,” the report stated.

In a WhatsApp chat with this reporter, Dr Thomas, the PYTP Chairman, also confirmed that the program will continue.

When asked about those students who have gone on their outside postings, he replied. “It remains. The exercise remains please.”

Source: UCJUI

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