Student takes gun to school to shoot teacher who asked her to have a haircut

A secondary school student has been caught with a gun which she took to school, with the intention of shooting a male teacher who had asked her to get a hair cut.

The new trend of hairstyle is a coloured hair, mostly sprayed with gold colour or pink, but for sure any pronounced colour other than the natural black hair was termed fashion.

The young lady in question had resumed school with her hair coloured, from the regular black hair which it naturally was.

A male teacher had then called her and asked her to get a hair cut, in a bid to rid the young lady of the coloured hair.

This did not go down well with the young lady who took offence, she went home and got a gun from where we can not ascertain at the moment.

The young lady took the gun and headed for school, hoping to end her ordeal by ending the life of the one who is starting it. Her intentions was to kill the teacher who had asked her to cut her hair.

However, luck ran out on her as she was apprehended with the locally made pistol, with which she intends to use in committing the murder.

The lady was seen in the presence of some military personnel who were called upon to help calm the situation.

Where and how she got the gun is still not clear.

The name of the school is currently being witheld but we can confirm that it is a Government secondary school.

All photos and the news source is credited to Otunba Charles.

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