Chaos as Fire Accident happens at UI Chapel

By Dada Ibukunoluwa

At about 1:30 pm, on Tuesday, the Generator House of the Chapel of Resurrection, University of Ibadan, was billowing smokes as one of the  generators caught fire. 

UCJ UI confirmed this after speaking with a worker at the chapel.  He said: “I was working inside when all the lights went off and I heard people shouting ‘fire fire’ and that was when I came out”

Our correspondent also spoke with the security officer at the Chapel Hall who said: “the generator has been on since 11:00am and was working fine before it suddenly caught fire and everyone rushed to put it out.”

The Fire service  of the University arrived the scene around 1:48pm, although those around the chapel premises had made efforts to put out the fire. 

At the time of writing this report, no lives were lost and no property, damaged asides the generator itself. 

Source: UCJUI

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