UI may consider after January 18 for Resumption - Sources reveal

In the late hours of today (05/01), sources within UI gave hints pointing towards resumption.

Information gathered erstwhile revealed that the school management is fixing its gaze on 18th January, barring any unforeseen circumstances from the ASUU congress slated to hold later this week, where issues surrounding the FG honouring ASUU’s demand will be a strong focal point.

Furthermore, preparation are ongoing for fumigation of campus hostels in anticipation of resumption.

It was also uncovered that the school management is planning on finishing up the 2018/2019 session immediately upon resumption as pending exams are suspected to be held just 2 days after resumption. Students with pending papers are strongly advised to start preparation earnestly if they had stopped before.

Uites are also advised to keep hopes alive concerning resumption.

Remember that the Students Union gave hints on resumption recently after confirming that the acting VC is scheduled to make a major announcement, however students are still anxiously awaiting this announcement from the acting Vice-Chancellor.

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