Tips for Getting back into Student Mode

Recently, schools all over the country (especially government owned higher institutions) started putting things in place, to resume academic activities after a prolonged break. But most of us have been 'off-duty' as students for so long. Are you anxious about how to reawaken the student in you? Don't be! Here are some tips to help with that:

One - Relax; no pressure!

If there is one thing the student in you needs, to wake up, it's adequate relaxation. Try to detach from routine. Take a break if you can. By all means, get refreshed. You certainly need to be fresh physically, mentally and emotionally, when schoolwork starts.

Two - Reflect; think back.

In case you haven't done so, take time to reflect - on all that you've experienced during the long break. It will be of great help to you to sort through the gains, losses, and all that this unplanned break came with. Hopefully, some lessons that will be helpful in continuing your academic journey might pop up. 

You might want to look out for lessons on how to continue engaging your creative or enterprising sides while in school, how to study effectively, making the most of opportunities, and so on.

Three - Recall the times you were active as a student. 

How well did you fare then? Which of your habits were advantageous, and which were harmful? You could write both sets of habits down, and work towards improving on the positive ones, and doing away with the negative.

Four - Rediscover the student in you!

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited (and reignited.)" - Plutarch; the added expression in the bracket is mine.

To reignite your mind, you've got to take some time to reconcile with your study materials. 30 minutes or so per day wouldn't be a bad idea, for a start. The power is in the consistency, however. If you're consistent, you'll discover over time that the 'vibe' has resurfaced, because it never left. It was only put out of sight by a long layoff from schoolwork.

Also, rediscover your style; your unique method of living the student life. Each of us knows how we do our thing. Get the dynamo running!

P.S. In case you find studying tasking and uninspiring, you could try to discover more fun ways to study, as is consistent with your peculiarities.

And, remember to partner with God.😌

All that said, Campus Verve wishes you happy resumption!✨

Author: Oluwaseunara Arotiba.

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