DNA Saga: Let Hospitals Conduct Compulsory DNA Test After Child Birth - Man cries out

A concerned Nigerian man has taken to the social media, his concerns on the current trending DNA issue. He's urging that a compulsory DNA/paternity test should be conducted at child delivery.

Here's his post

I think with the increase in infidelity in marriages lately, it will be very much better is the Senate passes a bill that would warrant all hospitals to conduct compulsory DNA test after child birth.

- Orjisblog

His post has received so many reactions and comments. Here are some of the comments: 

This is the way to go but the problem to many men is the high cost. just like the drunk above me opined, it should be subsidised
- @Fahdiga

 True! Since there are a lots of disputed paternity and cases of marital infidelity in our world today.
- @Racoon

I agree..
So that you don’t carry someone else’s child home.
Best you know from the onset than later in life when resources have gone down the drain.
- @iambabaG

Just DNA TEST? Not enough! Death sentence for paternity fraud! 
And any woman who cheats on her husband should be sentenced to 20 years imprisonment!
These laws must be enacted as soon as possible before Nigeria becomes Sodom and Gomorrah!

God bless Nigeria.
- @SilverNorGold

If this should happen, the world will get to realize that 99.368% of married Nigerian ladies are promiscuous.
- @NextD18

Can their parents afford it?
What about kids that are not Born in the hospital how will they go about it?
- @2Ways

I agree. 
Mandating DNA tests would absolve the man from all forms of emotional blackmail and manipulation under the guise of "lack of trust".
I believe it should made compulsory before a man can sign the birth certificate. 

..Or at least offered to the new parents as a optional service alongside the usual newborn immunisations..
- @sweetmelanin

A home DNA test kit
does not make a good baby shower gift cool
- @BigDawsNet

Who will pay?
After the cost attached to antenatal and postnatal care, na DNA I go come dey reason... Make I mark your face in case you wan contest for president tomorrow, na your type dey use elite system to rule rural dwellers.
- @OlujobaSamuel

You know what is funny about this idea, Many men will still be blinded by love and accept to raise other men kids post - birth DNA confirmation.

For some men, simping traits and white knightism are very well embedded/encoded in their DNA. To them -- women are always vulnerable and innocent and should be protected even if their WRONG are brought to light.

Other Reactions to the trend:

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