7 Perfect fruit blends for your health and fitness.

7 Perfect Fruit combos for you

Fruit is a class of food that essentially contains vitamins and minerals needed for the body to be healthy. Fruits are so rich in antioxidants . They have benefits of :
strengthening the immune system, providing resistivity to sicknesses, reducing risk of obesity , giving you healthy skin and shiny hair, etc.
Instead of always munching on junkies and food that gives little or no nutrition, we should avail ourselves the opportunity of whole health that is abundant in fruits.
Let’s take seven perfect fruits combinations . Try them and watch your health glow amazingly! 

1. Lime and Strawberries. 

Strawberry contains fibre, vitamins and antioxidants. Lime lowers blood sugar , it fights infections and helps to reduce weight. It also gives healthy skin . Both lime and strawberries help prevent cancer. 
This tasty dessert cools you down and refreshes you . It is a perfect drink mostly during the hot sessions.

To prepare this combo; 
Get your fresh lime and strawberries. Wash them . Squeeze out your lime juice and seive. Then you slice the strawberries thinnly , pour into your juicer or blender , pour in your fresh lime juice , you can add ginger and/or honey , add some ice cubes and water , then you can juice it up.
Yeah , your fruit blend is ready to be served chilled.
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2. Avocado, Papaya (Pawpaw) and Bananas. 

 This healthy smoothie is a great source of Vitamin C that can cover a day’s requirement.The two are big sources of potassium. Potassium maintains healthy blood pressure and heartbeat. It also contains fibre , Copper and Iron. This drink boosts your energy. You can have it in the evening or for a refreshing start in the morning.
What you need;
Fresh Avocado pear , average sized pawpaw and bananas.
Honey and crushed nuts (optional) and ice cubes . Peel the washed fruits , slice them and pour into your juicer , juice it till it’s thoroughly even.
Pour into your glass jar or pitcher , add the nuts and ice cubes (if the fruits are not frozen). Enjoy! 
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3. Mango and Orange.

This delicious smoothie is very nutritious and perfect for your health. Orange lowers cholesterol, lowers risk of cancer and maintains healthy blood pressure. This fruit blend helps your immune system to be strong. It contains large amount of caroten and it works for cold and flu. It also helps your eyesight and skin health.
Now,you get your frozen mangoes and oranges. Cut the fleshy part of the mangoes into slices. Squeeze out your orange juice and sieve.
Pour both into the juicer or blender ,add little water, you can add yogurt or honey. Now blend it till it is smooth. It comes out thick.
This lip smacking drink gets you all excited. Serve yourself and cheers!
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4. Carrots and Apple.

This energizing mix is rich in multivitamins and antioxidants. It detoxifies the digestive tract. It contains the vitamin A that nourishes your skin. Carrots takes care of your bone health . It reduces risk of diabetes and improves your eye health.
This fruit mix produces the energy you need through the day. It fuels up your body.
To prepare; get your fresh carrots and Apple and wash them. Cut both into slices, pour into your blender. You can add ginger and lemon. Add water and blend. You can pour the fruit blend into a fine mesh (cloth), squeeze out your juice into your cup and discard the fibrous pulp.
Fill up your glass mug, and enjoy it’s flavour.
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5. Papaya, Lemon and Pineapple. 

This fresh juice helps in curing heart and blood related diseases. Papaya (a tropical fruit) prevents flu, colds and ear infections. Lemon has vitamin C that the body requires most, it also helps the immune system and aids digestion. Pineapple is full of bromelain an important enzyme that helps balance fluids and it helps reduce swelling ( inflammation). Pineapple is loaded with vitamins and minerals.
To prepare this juice;
Get your washed fruits~ peeled and sliced pawpaw,fresh lemon juice and the sliced pineapple. Pour the ingredients into the blender or juicer ,add water and blend till evenly smooth. You can add black pepper powder and some ice cubes .
Relish this healthy and sweet combo with your lunch or as you start your day!
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6. Cucumber and Watermelon

Watermelon contains mostly water. It  also contains Vitamin A, B6, C and antioxidants. This perfect combination is fat free and very low in sodium. It has an hydrating effect – keeps you hydrated . This combo helps lower muscle soreness . To prepare this;
Get average sized Cucumber and Watermelon. Peel your Cucumber, remove the rind of the watermelon and cut it open. Cut the fruits into small  pieces.You can add fresh lime juice . Pour into the blender and blend thoroughly. Sieve the drink using a cheese cloth and pour the residue away. Pour your fresh drink into a cup ,you can add honey . Drink and be refreshed . Enjoy it chilled.
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7. Coconut and Guava

Guava is low in calories and sodium. It aids weight loss. It also helps heart health and relieves period cramps. Coconut milk also prevents heart diseases and anaemia. It helps with healthy hair and skin.  It strengthens the immune system and balances body electrolytes.

This healthy smoothie is naturally sweet.
To prepare;
Cut open your Coconut and scrape the back ,then you cut into pieces and blend first . Peel your washed guava too ,cut into pieces and blend together wth the coconut. Blend the fruits and pass it through a sieve . Throw away the residue. Put some crushed ice and enjoy your delightful  drink!

These fruit combinations have been  tactfully selected for your perfect health. Watch it as you take any  of the natural fruits combo.  Enjoy any of these fruit blends as part of your day either as food in itself or with your food. Take them as often as you can and you will inevitably see changes in your overall health.
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                  Keep being fit and healthy! 

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