Yuletide GiveAway: Over 5,000 naira airtime to be won in Campus Verve Give Away.

Hello Nigerian Student. How's this period going with you?

Campus Verve NG will be giving out Airtimes for different Network providers Worth over 5,000 naira this Yuletide season. This will begin online from Tuesday, 22nd - 31st December, 2020.

The airtimes will be attached to different posts on our website. Your duty is to search through some post Tags and Labels that will be attached to this Post by tomorrow and Win your airtime. 

  - Check our website tomorrow (This post to be specific)
  - Click on the Available tags 
  - Each Tag will lead you to a collection of posts. The airtimes will be hidden in any of these posts.
  - Good luck 😁😊

PS:- The Tags will be available Tomorrow. 

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