University of Ibadan (UI) COVID-19 Pandemic Update

University of Ibadan (UI) COVID-19 pandemic update to all members of the university community. Management expects total compliance with by all members of the community and entrants to the campus.

University of Ibadan (UI) COVID-19 Pandemic Update

In response to the recently observed rise in the number of cases of COVID-19, the Federal  Government of Nigeria (FGN) announced that the country had entered a second wave of the pandemic. Consequently, some rules have been imposed to forestall further infection and/or spread.

The University Management hereby requests compliance with the following rules specified by  the FGN on campus:

• Closure of all bars, eat-in places restaurants or club for an initial period of 5 (five) weeks;

• All informal or formal gatherings including end of year events should be restricted to not more than 50 (fifty) persons;

• Religious events should be limited to less than fifty per cent capacity of the facility of use during which physical distancing, appropriate use of facemasks, and other recommendations  should be strictly enforced;

• Events having more than fifty persons in attendance should be held outdoors and with appropriate use of facemasks and adherence to other recommendations;

• Campus transportation should carry not more than fifty per cent of their capacity in
compliance with social distancing rules;

• Mandatory and appropriate use of facemasks should be observed by all and sundry on  campus;

• Persons aged 60 years and above and/or with co-morbidities should stay at home and avoid  crowds;

• The leadership of offices should take responsibility for adequate ventilation, working from. home, and adherence to other recommended precautions etc.;

• Virtual meetings should be adopted/encouraged in offices as much as possible;

• CONTISS 12 officers and below are expected to work from home; and
Persons having symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, cough, breathlessness should call  any of these numbers: 08095394000, 08078288800

Management expects total compliance with the above by all members of the community and entrants to the campus.

Federal Government’s task force, nay the University Management, may apply sanctions where breached.

Thank you.

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