NANS; a toothless Bull dog - Emmanuel Apara

NANS; a toothless bull dog.

  By Emmanuel Apara.

It's with utmost displeasure that i express my dissatisfaction on the ungratifying attitude and leadership of nans. Recall, many months back, the academic staff union of universities (ASUU) started with a warning strike which eventually turned to an indefinite strike. It's unfortunate those we elected as leaders have forgotten their obligations, they now play a filthy shameful political maneuver. How do we convince the coming generations that "education is the key?", when our leaders failed to invest in education.

As part of the reason why nans exist and its  duties and obligations is to fight for the interest of Nigerian students and ensuring their rights are not being ignored and denied. So disheartening that the association no longer fight for our interest but their own interest hoping to enrich their dry pocket and gain influx, they have all failed integrity and it's disappointing. What a shame!!. If asuu's strike can linger for over 8months and nothing is being done by nans,it shows they had lost their voice, why then is the association existing?. All these pot bellied comrades have nothing to offer as far as NANS is concerned.

When the recent global president (Com. Bamidele Akpan) was impeached due to misappropriation of funds and his vice( com.chidi ilogebe) took up the mantle of leadership, comrade chidi organized a protest to  ameliorate the lingering asuu strike but he later suspended it due to an unknown reason. This is a show of lack incredibility.

Let it be known that youth is an identity,not an ideology. Nigerian students doesn't want those who are old enough to be  grandfather running the affairs of NANS. Let the change begin now. Enough is enough!!!!!!

Emmanuel Apara,
Department of Geology,
Federal University oye Ekiti.

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